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A Dinner with MONSTA X - The Daebak Company

MONSTA X has been enjoying a lot of national as well as international attention lately and we can all agree that the boys are extremely talented in music and dance but also we must note that they all take extremely good care of their physiques.

Even though that is the result of hard work at the gym and practice room, diet is just as important in order to build a body like that. So why don’t we follow through what the members eat and what is the secret to looking like just a healthy snack themselves?

The Starship group seems to be very bonded as they often have meals together, laughing and enjoying the food. For this article, we are going to focus on only one of their dinner gatherings and see what they ordered!

  • Stir-Fried Seafood (유산슬)

Yusanseul is one of the most famous Chinese dishes in Korea and as the name suggests, it is made from three deep-fried and thinly sliced ingredients – usually pork, sea cucumber and/or shrimp and vegetables (mushrooms and/or bamboo).

All of this is cooked in oyster sauce and has a silky and savory flavor. Shownu seems very excited to open the dinner with that first dish and by the bottom of the plate and the group’s pleased "WOW"s we can tell that every bite was worth it.

  • Sichuan-Style Stir-Fried Seafood (팔보채)

Palbochae is a combination of eight seafood creatures plus a mixture of all kinds of vegetables, usually used for side dishes, cooked together. There could be many variations but some of the most popular ingredients are shrimp, squid, sea cucumber, mussels, etc.

The dish is fried in chili oil that gives it a pleasantly spicy taste. All the members get extremely excited when the portion enters the room and no wonder, it looks so giant and delicious!

  • Scorched Rice Soup with Seafood (해물누룽지탕)

The third meal comes in a hot and bubbling pot and we can’t help but drool over how tasty it looks! As the name suggests, the dish consists of seafood (haemul), burnt rice (nurungji) and …it’s a soup (tang)! The seafood is cut into slightly bigger chunks and the rice is cooked in the broth which lets it soak up all the good flavors. MONSTA X seems to be thrilled by the look of it and to be honest, who wouldn’t?

  • Stir-Fried Beef with Garlic (소 안심 통 마늘)

The stir-fried dishes seem to be getting too much, don’t they? Well, the boys are always working hard so such highly nutritious foods are needed for their bodies to stay fit and healthy. After all, the meals consist of mostly vegetables (which, stir-fried retain more nutrients than other ways of cooking) and just the right amount of meat. This one is a very healthy and low-calorie beef dish. The tender meat and the crispy veggies are a satisfying combination that can make even the fullest person want to eat more.

  • Fried Shrimp with Shitake (어향표고새우)

The last dish that the members ordered is yet another seafood dish but this one arrives with a special sauce to mix with the noodles. Even though everyone complained how full they are, they couldn’t stop eating just because the food was so delicious so… they had to make a place in their stomachs for this final pleasure. 

Finally, after the shared meals were brought to the table, the waiters entered with the members’ personal choice dishes. Probably regretting ordering this much food already, MONSTA X took a deep breath and still accepted their meals joyfully. In order to give their bodies time to process all the food and enjoy the rest of the dinner, the guys set for some friendly talk and games. 

So, which dish looks best to you? Which one would you like to share with MONSTA X? Leave a comment down below and keep snacking on good food and good music! 

Cover Image: MONSTA X (Starship Entertainment)
Written by Monica Boyadzhieva

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