5 K-Dramas to Watch This Autumn Season

5 K-Dramas to Watch This Autumn Season - The Daebak Company

Hey Daebak-Fam, don’t forget to grab your cozy sweaters, fluffy blankets, snacks, and warm drinks when you check out these five must-watch K-Dramas for this fall season!

K-Drama List:


1. Uncontrollably FondThis rom-com K-Drama will definitely take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. You will not only enjoy great chemistry between the two leads, but also witness an emotional, heartwarming story of two lovers who have to overcome many obstacles in order to be with each other. Along with the interesting and yet different plot, you don’t want to miss out on Kim Woo Bin’s powerful acting.

2. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo: If you haven’t watched this K-Drama yet, you HAVE to watch it this fall season! If you’ve already watched the show, you should rewatch it. This K-Drama is one that you can watch over and over again and still enjoy its lighthearted comedy, cute romance, and overall storyline. Though the entire story is pretty upbeat, you see two main characters’ grow as individuals and overcome their own respective difficulties. Thank me after you’ve watched this K-Drama — you won’t regret it :)

3. Boys Over Flowers: Boys Over Flowers is an iconic, legendary, quintessential kdrama that everyone must watch, especially this fall season. This drama shot kdramas into stardom, spreading the Hallyu wave to young and global viewers. I would also argue that this kdrama is probably the first to create second-lead syndrome, so even if Boys Over Flowers is from 2009, you can’t miss out! And, if you want to see the role that shot Lee Min Ho to stardom, this is the show for you.

4. Romance is a Bonus Book: Yes, I know… another romance Korean Drama?! What can I say? Fall is the perfect time to binge-watch some endearing, heart fluttering K-Dramas! Like Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Romance is a Bonus Book is another lighthearted, but captivating show that makes viewers wonder where they can find a male lead in their lives. This K-Drama showcases the personal growth of main character Kang Dan-Yi (played by Lee Na-Young) and her blossoming romance with Cha Eun-Ho (played by Lee Jong-Suk). Oh, did I also mention that Squid Game actor Wi Ha-Joon is the second lead? Definitely check this one out!

5. Goblin: Last, but certainly not least, is Goblin! Doesn’t the iconic Goblin image just scream autumn? This K-Drama is a fantasy romance that many consider to be their favorite show of all time. While enjoying the relationship between the two leads change from a platonic to a loving one, you will also discover the many iconic scenes/moments from Goblin that Korean Culture constantly references. 

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Written by Tiffany

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