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When thinking about vacationing in Korea, Busan comes to mind as a city known for its waterfront wonders and miles of picturesque beaches. From popular sunbathing spots such as Haeundae Beach to quieter, more family oriented sand banks, let’s take a trip along Busan’s coastline and explore what these famous beaches have to offer. Find out the best beach in Busan for your itinerary here.

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Haeundae Beach Busan

Haeundae is the most well-known beach in Busan and a recommended destination for all travelers. And it is clear why Haeundae is one of the larger beaches and is most similar to some you would find in western countries. Its long stretches of sand allow beach-goers to lounge in the sun all day or play on the sand with family and friends.

High-rise hotels near Haeundae beach Busan and beach-side apartments line the street behind the oceanfront, and for a hefty price point (and half a year in advance), travelers can book a room in one of these hotels for a stunning ocean view. The surrounding area is home to many restaurants and bars, some of which are on the waterfront.

***Be aware that Haeundae's popularity drives up the prices at the surrounding restaurants, but the seafood is still fresh and delicious. We visited "Fingers and Chat," a fish and chips restaurant on the water, and the fried cod served with tartar sauce was fresh and savory.


Songdo Beach Busan

Songdo Beach is one of the smaller beaches in Busan, but the various activities this beach offers surely make up for its size. Songdo’s most popular attraction is the Songdo Marine Cable Car, launched in 1964 as Korea’s first cable car. It begins on the east side of the beach and travels very high across the water, ending on the west side. The cable cars have a glass floor, which is not so acrophobia-friendly but can allow patrons to see the beautiful emerald water of Songdo beach from a bird’s eye view.

You can also walk over the ocean on the Songdo Beach skywalk for those willing to brave the heights. The middle of the walkway has a see-through glass floor, so you can see the ocean below as you walk over the winding path.

Songdo beach is also famous for its rocky shorelines and islands. You can take the short, colorful bridge or the skywalk to Songdo’s most popular rocky island. The island has numerous sculptures, such as turtles, a mermaid, and turtle eggs, for the perfect photo-op. The surrounding rocky areas of the beach have painted rocks that add to the picturesque nature of Songdo beach.



Gwangalli Beach Busan

This beach is well-known for its cleanliness and fine grained sand, and ever since undergoing a water cleaning treatment, the water has been pristinely clean. Over a mile wide, this beach attracts younger tourists and couples as the surrounding area is full of many romantic restaurants, beachfront hotels, cafes, and many high-fashion brand shops. The beach is also famous at night for its spectacular view of Gwangandaegyo Bridge.

Dadaepo Beach Busan

As a family-oriented beach with a long coastline and shallow water, Dadaepo Beach is a great place to spend an afternoon relaxing and playing with family and friends in the large fields nearby. This beach is famous for its spectacular fountain show near Dadaepo Station, which starts at 8:00 p.m., and all visitors can spectate and play in the water for free. It is suggested to arrive early because spectators pack the area quite quickly.

The beach is also used to host the Busan Sea Festival every year, a festival that promotes Busan as the harbor city of Korea with an opening ceremony and many cultural performances.

Songjeong Beach Busan

Songjeong beach is known as the surfing beach of Busan. Although the wave heights are said not to be too spectacular, it’s still enough for spectators and surfers to enjoy, and there are plenty of “Learn to Surf” instructional establishments for beginners. It is a quieter beach in Busan, and there are many beachside street food and cafes to choose from.

Be sure to utilize the location tags in these posts when you visit these one-of-a-kind vacation spots for yourself. As well as don’t miss out on other sights, Busan has to offer, such as Gamcheon Culture Village and the hundreds of delicious seafood restaurants along the coast. You can find more about the most amazing things to do in Busan from our guide here! 

Happy and safe getaway travels to you all!

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