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K-drama fans loved the story of the Big Mouth kdrama series, and now that it has come to an end, viewers were left swooning over the Big Mouth characters acting, especially the comeback of Lee Jong-suk! 

Big Mouth Kdrama: Lee Jong-suk Comes Back

Lee Jong-suk, best known in the Korean industry with famous projects like "While You Were Sleeping" and "Romance is a Bonus Book," has returned to activities in the entertainment world after his military service in 2019.

After being discharged from the military, Lee Jong-suk scored the role of Park Chang-ho in the noir suspense kdrama Big Mouth! Fans were anticipating his role and were not disappointed with his comeback into the kdrama scene!

The show marks the screen comeback of Jong-suk, popular for his wonderful talent and unmissable smile in every series. Although he recently had a special appearance in the 2022 film "The Witch: Part 2. The Other One", "Big Mouth '' is a leading role that showcased his splendid acting skills.

Do you want to know more about this series and how Jong-suk dazzled in his leading role? Stay with us to find out all about his recent comeback. 

What is Big Mouth Drama About?

Big Mouth is a 2022 South Korean series starring Lee Jong-suk, Im Yoon-ah, and Kim Joo-un, available on MBC and Disney+ from July 29 to September 17. 

From the Big Mouth kdrama release date until the final episode, viewers experience a mix of legal, suspense, and mystery. It tells a story about Park Chang Ho, a lawyer with the lowest winning rate, and how he ends up falsely imprisoned.

He gets involved in a murder case and is somehow pointed out as the mastermind con man Big Mouse. Meanwhile, Go Mi Ho, Park Chang-ho's wife, who works as a nurse, must help her husband clear his name and solve the mystery of who the real Big Mouse is.

How Many Episodes are in Big Mouth?

Following a story full of drama, crime, suspense, and sharp reversals in the plot, Big Mouth k drama has ended with 16 episodes.

Episodes were broadcast first every Friday and Saturday on the South Korean TV network MBC at 9:50 PM KST. The series then made its way to the Disney Plus streaming platform. Following a story full of drama, crime, suspense, and sharp reversals in the plot, Big Mouth has come to an end with 16 episodes.

So far, the producers of the Big Mouth kdrama series have not contemplated a second season, despite amazing fan reviews and excitement for the story to continue.  

Though it couldn't be seen in some countries due to the streaming platform's geographical restrictions and licensing policies, Big Mouth kdrama series received amazing applause. With clips on Youtube and other social media platforms, more people are looking forward to the kdrama being available in their countries as well. 

Top 3 Best Episodes

There is nothing better than a story with a good mystery to solve. If there is something that we love, it is the riddles. What is more pleasant than feeling that tension on the edge of your seat? Witness those action sequences and high intrigue in Big Mouth kdrama!

If you like dramas where you want to know who is the mastermind behind a crime, Big Mouse drama is for you. Here we'll see how Lee Jung Suk came back with a totally performance different, and enhance in his acting career

Episode 1 and 2

As in every beginning, the first episodes of  Big Mouth are the most important so that you can understand the plot and the details explained in each story.

What we loved about these two episodes was the development of the main characters, especially when they introduced us to Park Chang Ho and Go Mi Ho's relationship, a happy marriage where Lee Jong Suk's character reveals his desire to start a new life and have children.

Their connection is magical and adorable even when they have conflicts. Go Mi Ho's company and support are unconditional, a sample of what true love means because even in the most challenging moments, 

Episode 5 and 6

We all asked ourselves the question: Is Chang Ho really Big Mouse? 

During these episodes, we see how Chang Ho can also become totally evil to survive, but he shows his sweet and calm side again with Mi Ho, showing Lee Jong-suk's versatility in acting.

Here Chang Ho rules in prison. With this, we confirm that his character and the desire to resolve all those conflicts can lead him to exceed some limits that will help him later in other episodes.

Episode 11 and 12

During this episode, we also see that Chang Ho finally regained his freedom in the middle of a prison fight, in which Gan Soo Chul (corrections officer), who in episode 11 became the prison warden, was killed.

Knowing who the real Big Mouse was, Chang Ho goes free and is one of the most recognized lawyers (a well-deserved achievement, since from the beginning of the story, we always wanted his great work and dedication to be properly recognized).

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