DAWN Comes Back with His Meaning of Happiness

DAWN Comes Back with His Meaning of Happiness - The Daebak Company

After nearly a year of working and preparing for this comeback, DAWN (formerly known as E’Dawn) drops his anticipated single, “Money.” Having signed at the beginning of the year with P Nation, it’s no secret that the artist had been working hard since then.

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A behind-the-scenes photo of the music video that was posted mid-October had fans on the edge of their seats waiting for the official teaser images, which they got after a week. Displaying the artist with slicked back hair, a lacy top that almost drowned him, jewelry that sparkled in the dim lighting, and the title of the single in bold across the image, a huge statement was made that had fans wanting more. The teaser images that came after that were no different, almost giving off the feeling that the concept would be luxurious and dark. However, the song and music video that later came proved otherwise.

The beginning of “Money” might lead one to believe that it’s a slow song with its opening piano notes that accompany DAWN’s notorious deep and nasally vocals. Wrapping you in from the start, it seems to take you out for a slow dance; but just as you’re ready for the dip, the beat drops and picks up to bring in the chorus. 

The message found within the lyrics differs a bit from what one would expect from a song titled “Money” with the artist not knowing how to live because of it and questioning life. Not wanting stereotypical answers to these questions, DAWN seeks the truth even if it hurts. He no longer wants to have something as silly as money hold so much power over him.

Dirty money, dirty yet you shine
Why just look when I can have
Dirty money, dirty yet you shine
Rather be a spoiled brat, then a cheapskate

Along with such serious lyrics are complementary background scenes. Showing the vocalist in multiple rooms, there are some factors that don’t seem to change: No matter what room DAWN enters, it is dark, gloomy and he keeps finding the item he desperately seems to want to get away from — money. Dancing in somewhat abandoned locations with moves that never miss a beat, you’ll be enticed from start to finish, as you see him showcase his multiple talents.

It is towards the end of the song when the music almost comes to a halt. Suddenly starting again, the once-dark room lights up with a gush of flower petals that consume him, indicating that he’s found a way to live without this object having any power over him.

Along with his comeback, DAWN released a video in which he talks about the start of his career, what his goals have been, what has troubled him, and what has kept him going. Fans get a bit of an insight as to the kind of person he is, and build a stronger bond with the artist.

It’s no surprise that the things that make us feel good aren’t always the best. DAWN relays this message throughout “Money” by saying that it’s okay to indulge in our guilty pleasures without letting them have control over our lives. What’s your definition of happiness? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image: DAWN (P Nation)
Written by Briseida Rivera

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