Going Seventeen Episodes that Make You Laugh until You Cry

Going Seventeen Episodes that Make You Laugh until You Cry - The Daebak Company

Going Seventeen, the Korean variety show series of the self-producing idol group, Seventeen, has set the example for other idol group series since it began in 2017. Since the show was created, Seventeen has produced a wide range of content for their fans, from serious episodes like Bad Clue to nonsensical content like Debate Night and Ad Genius.

With the show’s domestic and global success the group has made a lasting impression for their close, family-like bond and on-screen entertainment personalities. With this being said, here are some of the best Going Seventeen episodes to watch if you want to laugh until you cry!


3 Best Going Seventeen Episodes You Must Watch!

1. Mouse Busters

During this Ghostbusters-inspired content that spans three episodes, the 13 members are brought out to a warehouse lot and split into two teams, with the first team being made up of their 96 liners, including Jun, Wonwoo, Hoshi, and Woozi. 

The remaining nine members make up the 2nd team, whose goal is to catch the 1st team, or the "rats," who were fittingly born in 1996, the year of the rat. What makes this episode so entertaining is that they have to chase each other around for hours on end and that the members must cover the rats in water to catch them, making for some funny moments throughout the episodes. 

However, the content highlights come in the last episode when one of the rats, Hoshi, comes out of hiding after two episodes and gets caught immediately, as well as the punishment for the losing team, flour bombing.

2. Insomnia Zero, Parts 1 and 2

Insomnia Zero, a content hosted by Seventeen's performance team leader Hoshi, is essentially a safe space for the members to expose each other's secrets to their fans while also trying to maintain the lowest heart-rate range to win. 

During both seasons of this content, the members each lie down, one at a time, and try to sleep while the rest of the group shares facts, lies, and stories about said members to get their heart rates up, so they end up losing. The goal is to have the smallest range, meaning keeping their heart rate the same, so they can leave the filming site first, as the losing members must continue shooting the content. 

The later rounds of the content introduce ASMR sound effects, jokes that are so bad they make you laugh, and even playing old fancams and pre-debut videos of the members trying to sleep to get them to lose. This content is great for new fans trying to learn the group's inside jokes and allows you to laugh with Seventeen at the expense of exposing each member's secrets. 

3. Don't Lie

One of the things that all Carats, Seventeen's fans, know about the group is their unconditional love for playing the game Mafia. For those who may not know, Mafia is a popular game that can be played in a large group, perfect for a group of 13 members, where the Mafia get to kill off citizens to win. 

It is up to the Doctor and Police to figure out who to save and accuse as a Mafia within the group for the citizens to win. With the roles being assigned from the beginning of the game by a host, it is safe to say that the members take the game very seriously, as they begin to suspect one another as the Mafia as soon as they open their eyes. 

They could win money in the many episodes they have created with this game, making winning essential. Their eagerness to win, whether it be as a Citizen or the Mafia, makes the content so comical, as they come up with the most unrealistic reasons as to why someone is the Mafia, and get everyone to accuse the same person with nonsensical logic. 

Also, some of Seventeen's most meme-worthy moments have come out of playing Mafia, making it a staple for the group and their fans. 

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