Build the Best Island just for BTS on 'BTS Island In the SEOM'

Build the Best Island just for BTS on 'BTS Island In the SEOM' - The Daebak Company

BTS have been headliners in the music scene, releasing chart-topping music and showing high-pumping performances on entertainment shows and concerts! After their solo project announcements during their 2022 FESTA Dinner, ARMYs worldwide show their support for their music and vacation plans.

BTS members deserve a break, but it does not mean that ARMYs can’t help them plan their vacation… at least online. BTS In the Seom is finally up for play on June 28, 2022!

What is BTS Island In The Seom?

As announced days ago, the BTS In The Seom release date was June 28, 2022, at 10am KST. It is now available on the Apple Store, Google Play, and more platforms! The pre-registration links were available ahead, recording over a million users.

BTS Island: In The Seom is a game themed to BTS’s fun and relaxing vacation on an empty island: Seom! Each quest requires the members to have fun and relax. 

About the BTS Island In the SEOM

BTS In The Seom lets you decorate the island to your liking or how you want BTS members to relax and enjoy their vacation! Help BTS swim, set off fireworks, rest, play their favorite games, and complete 1000 story-based puzzles to get perks and items.

Players receive points for every mission and puzzle they solve, and they can also outrank and showcase their island designs to other players. Besides designing the whole island, players can also dress up each character!

Features of the BTS Members

Each member helped bring the game to life, from designing the BTS In The Seom logo to conceptualization. Expect each character to capture their personality; even the game’s missions involve their life bucket list. Players can also find personally drawn artworks by BTS members and other exclusive game BTS merch! 

BTS In The Seom Soundtrack

With the recent release of Psy's "That That" and BTS Kpop albums, ARMYs were amazed knowing that BTS Suga helped produce the game’s soundtrack. BTS Suga participated in the BTS Island In the Seom's music called “Our Island.” 

“Come and take a break for a while. An island created for relaxation.”

The combination of piano melody, string instruments, and the sounds of nature offered a dreamy and serene atmosphere to the game. It truly reflects BTS Island In the Seom's slogan.

More on BTS Island In the SEOM

BTS Island: In The Seom is now being downloaded worldwide. Though most screenshots of the game online are in Korean and English, players can also change the language settings in traditional and simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish!

Visit BTS In The Seom Island website to get more updates, behind-the-scenes, BTS member videos, and more! You can also follow the game for SNS updates on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

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