More K-pop Idols Who are YouTubers

More K-pop Idols Who are YouTubers - The Daebak Company

From fansigns to hi-touch, photo opportunities, signed albums, Instagram and Twitter, there are a million different ways for K-pop fans to connect with their favorite idols. Now, with YouTube added to the mix, K-pop fans can enjoy even more content!

On top of hours upon hours of binge-watching K-pop variety shows, you can now enjoy self-produced content. These YouTube videos give fans a closer look into their ultimate bias’ lives and what they're up to when they’re doing things outside of their normal idol schedules.

We covered a handful in K-Pop Idols Who are YouTubers, but it doesn't end there! Without further ado, here are even more K-pop idols who also make YouTube videos:

  • Lilifilm Official - Lisa from BLACKPINK

BLACKPINK’s youngest member, Thai princess, and dancing extraordinaire Miss Lalisa Manoban started her own YouTube channel almost a year ago. She has only uploaded a few videos but has already racked up over 1 million subscribers. Lisa uploads every now and then, mainly consisting of little travel vlogs from her adventures on tour with fellow members Jisoo, Jennie and Rose. From the footage and editing of her videos, it’s clear she puts a lot of effort into her videos!

  • Johnny’s Communication Center - Johnny from NCT

While Johnny doesn’t have his own YouTube channel, Johnny’s Communication Center is uploaded onto the NCT Daily Channel, where extra bits of content from NCT are uploaded, usually in a vlog-like style, and the members are able to be their usual goofy selves. Johnny’s Communication Center, in particular, is mostly in English so international fans can enjoy the luxury of understanding without the need for subtitles. Johnny’s series on NCT Daily also features his fellow NCT members, and fans can catch a glimpse of how it would be if they were YouTubers instead of K-pop idols in an alternate universe.

  • CHEN - Chen from EXO

While Chen only started uploading on his own channel around half a year ago, he has already garnered over 1 million subscribers (as expected for one of the members of the biggest boy groups). On his channel, he uploads studio covers of songs from a range of Korean artists.

  • Minny J - Somin from KARD

Somin is one of the newest K-pop idols to the YouTube scene, and often uploads beauty and lifestyle videos to her channel. If you had absolutely no idea she was a K-pop idol, you might even think she was just a beauty and lifestyle vlogger, judging by her bright and colorful thumbnails. On her channel, she introduces her makeup routines and favorite skincare products, so if you’re hoping to achieve that flawless K-pop idol glass skin, this is definitely the channel for you. She even uploaded a "Get Ready with Me" for her "Bomb Bomb" promotions with KARD to give fans a glimpse into her idol life.

  • Baekhyun - Baekhyun from EXO

Similar to his fellow YouTube-ing EXO member, Baekhyun has also recently started a YouTube channel. He uploads cute little vlogs every now and then, and fans can see more into his life outside of being an idol and even behind-the-scenes of music video shootings. Viewers are able to see Baekhyun enjoying some time off, hanging out with his members and friends while wandering around the streets of Seoul.

Amongst the K-pop idols that are newer to YouTube, who do you enjoy watching the most and who do you hope will start a YouTube channel soon?
Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image: Johnny and Jaehyun of NCT (SM Entertainment)
Written by Stephanie Leung

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