Pepero Commercials You Gotta See!

Pepero Commercials You Gotta See! - The Daebak Company

Pepero Day not only showcases the talent it takes to make tasty sweets it also is an opportunity for businesses to show us what they got when it comes to making Pepero Commercials.

These Pepero commercials will make you laugh as well as show you the pepero you know and love!

1. Pepero & EXO

Not only is pepero good eye candy, so are the members of EXO. EXO comes together in the commercial to teach us the importance of caring... as well as how tasty pepero is.

2. Global Pepero MV

A music video strictly about pepero?! Who knew it was so catchy, you can't help but sing along!

3. EXO, Red Velvet & Pepero

A video of members of the male group EXO-K, as well as members of the female group Red Velvet. Pepero, bring idols together with the candy that brings us smiles.

4. Heechul & Pepero

We're feeling nostalgic! Not only has pepero been around awhile, so has Heechul from the group Super Junior. We will always have a soft spot in our hearts not only for Pepero, but Heechul as well.

5.  Lonely Christmas Commercial

Feeling lonely this Pepero Day or upcoming Christmas? Don't worry, you aren't lonely when you're eating Pepero!

Pepero is a gift you can give any time of the year, not only will it make you smile but it makes everyone smile.

Has this got you craving Pepero? Don't worry, we've got you covered with our limited edition and one-time box Pepero Day edition! Click here to order yours!

Images: EXO (SM Entertainment)

Written by Maegs

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