Explore Hobbies, Love, and Good Vibes with VIVIZ Summer Vibe Mini Album

Explore Hobbies, Love, and Good Vibes with VIVIZ Summer Vibe Mini Album - The Daebak Company

On July 6th, VIVIZ launched their come-back with the 2nd mini album Summer Vibe. The album consists of 6 songs, including Loveade, Siesta, Party Pop, and Love Love Love.

The music video of Loveade, the title song of this mini album, has already accumulated about 2 million views on Youtube. VIVIZ also performed Loveade on Show! MusicCore, watch the wonderful stage performance right below!

VIVIZ Summer Vibe Mini Album

The VIVIZ Summer Vibe tracklist starts with whimsical tunes and elements of love and warmth in  “Lovade” and “Siesta.” The two songs tell tales about summer love, from a simple fling to a budding romance. 

With “Party Pop” and “Love Love Love,” VIVIZ leveled up their desire for love and passion. Despite the dark and chaotic turn, the songs still offer a touch of synths. 

Then, VIVIZ enters the heartbreak phase with Summer Vibe, #Flashback, and Dance. The lyrics and tunes face the closure with maturity. 


VIVIZ is a three-people K-POP girls’ group consisting of 3 former members from GFRIEND: SinB, Eunha, and Umji. VIVIZ  debuted on February 19, 2022.

Viviz members SinB, Eunha, and Umji

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