10 Years of BTS: Behind-the-Success of One of the Biggest Groups in Music


As we wrap up our celebration of BTS’s 10th Anniversary, it is time to highlight their achievements and impact on the music industry. We’ve shed light on the members and their successes with solo activities. Today, let’s celebrate BTS as a whole in celebration not only of the talented group but also of Army!

Big Hit Entertainment: Humble Beginnings & BTS

In 2005, Big Hit Entertainment was founded by producer Bang Si-Hyuk to create a successful K-Pop group. Despite previous attempts, the company faced challenges promoting collaborative groups with other entertainment companies such as JYP Entertainment and Source Music. However, Bang Si-Hyuk remained determined to find their breakthrough and decided to start a boy group. With the first member, RM, already signed, the company faced financial struggles, and the new group had to overcome obstacles and make sacrifices to achieve success, much like other groups in the K-Pop industry.

Who is BTS and What Does BTS Stand For?

BTS is a renowned South Korean boy group that helped grow HYBE–formerly known as Big Hit Entertainment–into one of the top 3 entertainment companies in the country. Debuting in 2013, the group is composed of 7 members. RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook.  BTS is the acronym for 방탄소년단 or Bangtan Sonyeondan, which translates to “Bulletproof Boy Scouts.” In recent years, the group decided that BTS stands for “Beyond The Scene,” bringing the group into its new era. No longer the young Bangtan Boys, they started writing lyrics showing their adulthood growth. 

A Timeline of BTS’s Music

Music often serves as a reflection of an artist's life journey. Through their songs, listeners can witness the range of emotions and experiences that have shaped their story. This year marks BTS and ARMY's 10th anniversary, a milestone that celebrates the group's growth and the memories and moments shared with everyone who has supported them. Let's take this opportunity to explore BTS's discography together and commemorate their remarkable journey.

SKOOL Trilogy

Starting with the School trilogy, we begin exploring the emotions and feelings that come with going to school. Love, schoolwork, and finding one's way in the competitive school environment encapsulate the message of the multiple albums. 

2 COOL 4 SKOOL & O!RUL8,2?

2 COOL 4 SKOOL is the first single album that marks the debut of BTS. With the title track “No More Dream,” ARMYs can look back on the musical growth of the members. 

O!RUL8,2? goes over the issues of navigating what your passions are and if what you are studying makes you happy or fulfilling the expectations society places upon you. 


The album SKOOL LUV AFFAIR stands out in the "Skool Trilogy" and remains a fan favorite. BTS and Hitman Bang worked tirelessly to perfect their sound during the album's production and the track "One Day" was a significant step toward the style that would eventually make them famous. 

After the trilogy, BTS released their 1st full-length album, DARK & WILD. Despite having previously released several songs, BTS had yet to gain much traction. Some members even considered giving up, but they persevered through it all.

The most beautiful moment in life Era

The most beautiful moment in life pt. 1 & pt. 2

Upon the release of their 3rd Mini Album titled The most beautiful moment in life pt. 1 in 2015, the group started gaining well-deserved recognition from South Korean fans. The single "I NEED U" became a huge success, following their first full-length album DARK & WILD, which was the beginning of their adventures outside of the student life depicted in the School trilogy. Another fan favorite from The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt.1 was the hit song "DOPE." 

Continuing the BTS storyline, the group portrays the life of 20-year-olds trying to navigate the uncertainty of life. The members realize that growing up can be bittersweet. The 4th Mini Album The most beautiful moment in life pt. 2 was released the same year and proved relatable to youth all around the world. The tracklist included “RUN," “Butterfly,” “Whalien 52,” and “Ma City.” The success of both mini albums led up to the finale of The most beautiful moment in life story, their first special album. 

The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever, a special album that included both previous albums and some new tracks, such as the widely popular "Fire" and "Save Me." To promote this work, BTS embarked on The Most Beautiful Moment in Life On Stage Tour, which sold more than 182,500 tickets. Although this number may not seem significant compared to their current sold-out tours, this tour marked the end of an era and the start of their international success.


Released in 2016, the group's second studio album includes the title track that everyone knows and loves, “피 땀 눈물 (Blood Sweat & Tears).” The song list has other great and extremely underrated songs “Lost,” “Lie,” and “Stigma” amongst others. No longer in the previous eras, the members now confront life and temptation facing the trials and tribulations that life has to offer.

“As the seven boys experience pain and bliss, they bring forth the image of birds that break out of their shells and try to take flight for the first time.”



YOU NEVER WALK ALONE, BTS' second special album, serves as a fitting conclusion to their previous work, WINGS. The album touches upon the struggles faced by today's youth, but it also aims to provide comfort and warmth to its listeners. One of the newer additions to the album is the beautiful track "Spring Day," which showcases the vocal talents of all members and a soothing rap flow. The lyrics offer hope, stating that despite the current chill, spring will come again. 


On the other hand, "Not Today" is a powerful and uplifting song that can motivate listeners who are feeling down. With its energizing beats and strong vocals from all members, it instills hope and a sense of support to the listener. It reminds us that we can overcome any obstacle if we persevere, just like BTS and their ARMY.


BTS' LOVE YOURSELF Era marks a significant turning point in their journey in adulthood. It showcases the importance of self-love and highlights the thrills and pains of falling in and out of love. The various album titles represent the different facets of love. 


The 5th mini-album, LOVE YOURSELF承 ‘HER’, depicts the joy of falling in love. Its title track, "DNA," is an upbeat K-Pop song that captures the essence of the album. Other popular tracks like "Best of Me," "Pied Piper," and "Dimple" continue to charm fans with their exceptional vocals. The collaboration between BTS members and renowned DJ Steve Aoki, "MIC DROP," also features in this album. 


In contrast, BTS' third full-length album, LOVE YOURSELF 轉 ‘TEAR,’ explores the pain that comes with love. Its hit title track, "FAKE LOVE," is a departure from the youthful essence of their previous albums. The 11-song tracklist includes "So What," "Love Maze," "Magic Shop," and "The Truth Untold (featuring Steve Aoki)," among others. 


The final album of the LOVE YOURSELF Series, LOVE YOURSELF結 ‘ANSWER,’ is a repackaged studio album that emphasizes self-love. Its title track, "IDOL," is a clever play on words, as the members are quite literally K-Pop idols. This album features all the previous songs from the series along with new tracks that showcase the individual talents of the members like Jungkook's "Euphoria," J-Hope's "Trivia 起: Just Dance," Jimin's "Serendipity," Jin's "Epiphany," RM's "Trivia 承: Love," V's "Singularity," and Suga's "Trivia 轉: Seesaw." The album includes subunit performances from both the vocal and rap lines. 



BTS's 6th Mini Album, MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA, gained widespread attention during their Love Yourself World Tour in 2019. The title track "Boy With Luv (Feat. Halsey)" paved the way for more collaborations between K-Pop idols and Western artists. This album represents the band's journey as artists and the immense love and support they have received from fans around the globe. Other notable tracks include "Make it Right (Feat. Lauv)," "HOME," and "Mikrokosmos."


MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 gives BTS members the opportunity to shine as individual artists with new solos and subunits such as “Filter,” “Moon,” “My Time,” “UGH,” and “Inner Child” to name a few. The album delves into the darker aspects of their career and the struggles they have faced both personally and professionally. However, it also connects with their previous mini-album, PERSONA, and emphasizes the band's perseverance to become their most authentic selves and nurture a love for what they do.

In 2020, BTS celebrated its 7th debut anniversary by gifting ARMY members with "We are Bulletproof: the Eternal" as part of the 2020 BTS FESTA. This song brings all the members together after their solo pieces, potentially hinting at what's to come in the future.


Released in 2020, "Dynamite" marks the entry of BTS into the Western music market. It is the group's first track fully in English. The melodic Pop track is reminiscent of Disco, not only in the sound but the M/V and stage outfits as well. It continues the story of MAP OF THE SOUL as they talk about their perspective as artists and the connection they have with the community: energizing listeners all over during the pandemic. 


In the wake of the pandemic, the world experienced a shared sense of apprehension about the future. BTS' 2020 album BE, serves to convey their personal sentiments regarding the crisis and their aspirations for overcoming it with resilience. The lead track, "Life Goes On," offers reassurance that despite the challenges, life goes on and everything will eventually be alright. The album serves as a bridge between BTS and its global audience, connecting with those who share similar emotions during these difficult times.


Last year, Big Hit Music released a new all-English CD Single that includes "Permission to Dance," following the launch of their second English single, "BUTTER" in 2021. 

"BUTTER" is a Synthetic Pop song with clear, powerful vocals and impressive choreography that is sure to boost your confidence. 

On the other hand, "Permission to Dance" was created to lift the spirits of our global community during the COVID-19 pandemic. The dance challenge attracted millions of people who have uploaded YouTube Shorts of themselves dancing to the song.


In honor of their devoted fanbase, PROOF is a collection of their greatest hits and the title track “Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)." This three-CD set includes a total of 48 tracks and was released along with the announcement of BTS' temporary break. The title track, "Yet To Come," combines calming vocals with upbeat pop beats, offering fans a reassuring sense of comfort. While the hiatus may give the impression of a farewell, it's important to note that the group members remain active and engaged.

Their Message

One of the reasons for their immense success lies in their vocal prowess, intricate choreography, creativity, and passion. BTS's songs and music videos depict the characters' growth within the storyline, which the group has carefully curated. Just like Taylor Swift's fans who enjoy analyzing the meanings behind her songs, ARMY members dedicate their time to understanding the world of BTS. This has resulted in BTS WORLD, a video game based on the world and reportedly, a drama based on the story.


Apart from their impressive talents, the messages conveyed through their music make BTS relatable to fans. As previously stated, earlier discography resonated with fans going through the ups and downs of young life, as their songs touch upon the pressures and expectations that weigh heavily on the youth. From academic studies to societal issues that Korean youth face in their work life, BTS's music reflects real-life struggles.


It's no surprise that many fans describe their music as a beacon of hope amid darkness. Music has the power to heal and support listeners during both the happiest and saddest moments of life.

The Evolution of HYBE & How BTS Impacted the Global Music Industry

It's impressive how BTS has shattered world records and broken barriers in the Western music industry. As the first K-Pop group nominated for a Grammy, BTS paved the way for Asian artists and created a ripple effect for global music to be included in a Western-centric industry. Today, we see K-Pop groups performing at Coachella, Latin artists being recognized at American award shows, and global genres gaining widespread acceptance in the US.


Additionally, the Bangtan Boys played a pivotal role in the rise of Big Hit Entertainment. Under the leadership of Bang Si-Hyuk, the company acquired several South Korean entertainment firms like Source Music, KOZ Entertainment, and Pledis while expanding its reach into Japanese and Western markets. HYBE America, a company division, even acquired Scooter Braun's Ithaca Holdings, which includes Big Machine Records and high-profile artists like Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, and Justin Bieber. 


HYBE is also reportedly looking to acquire Quality Control, the Atlanta rap label behind Migos and Lil Baby, to expand its presence in the American music market. In addition to BTS, HYBE is now home to a rising roster of talented groups, including SEVENTEEN, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, New Jeans, LE SSERAFIM, ENHYPEN, and many others. BTS and HYBE have become significant contributors to the music industry.

2023 Debut Anniversary Celebrations

The 2023 FESTA, a beloved tradition between BTS and ARMY, is in progress. This 2-week celebration leads to the group's debut anniversary, and HYBE has released a schedule of all the content that BTS will release in anticipation of the concert for ARMY's. This year's theme is "BTS Presents Everywhere," the countdown will occur from June 2 to June 17. 


On June 8, BTS released their most recent single, "Take Two," as a part of the FESTA celebration. Adding to their accomplishments, the newest single has already topped American charts and debuted as number 1 on Spotify's Global Chart. This is just a taste of what's to come! The finale will be a festival at Yeouido Park on June 17, commemorating the day it started. The event will likely be live-streamed so the BTS community worldwide can join in the celebration.

What’s Next for BTS & ARMY?

BTS fans were initially worried when the announcement came out that the group would be on hiatus as all members were serving their military duties. However, this "hiatus" has been filled with successful solo activities for many members, which has kept fans entertained. All members have worked on solo music, with Jin, Suga, RM, J-Hope, and Jimin already debuting successfully. With Jin and J-Hope currently completing their military service and the rest of the members to follow, BTS will still be active. V and Jungkook are expected to debut solo later this year. With all seven members expected to reunite soon, ARMYs can continue to enjoy their music and support the group as a whole. It's exciting to anticipate the day when BTS will perform together again.

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