Five K-pop Songs to Feel the Summer Vibe

K-pop songs

Many K-pop songs are released during the summer with “heavy summer vibes,” songs that are cheerful, easy to remember, and whose choreography is usually as simple as their lyrics, all fundamental elements to making a song go viral during this season.

Despite that, only some of these K-pop songs have immaculate summer vibes, and only five made it to the list!

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The songs are not ordered based on how much I like them but on what order they came to my mind.

#TXT Our Summer

The first song on the list may not exactly seem like the most creative choice ever, but this is not only a song I enjoy (not exclusively during the summer but especially when the temperature starts getting hotter) but also a song I feel very attached to since it features on TXT's debut Album, The Dream Chapter: Star, which was released on March 4, 2019.

This song does not talk about the season per se but compares someone to the summer, someone who came to save TXT's five members, Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Kai, from the heat and the stress of the city.

Underneath the blazing sun
Where it's muddy and melting
The gray forest of buildings
A never-ending final exam
Toss and turning
Sleepless noise of the grey city


Your fresh fragrance
Your sparkling eyes
Makes me feel better
Reality loses its power
Even the Earth dies
The moment is eternal

Here are the full lyrics of the song:

While here is the only released music video:

10/10 one of the most perfect summer K-pop songs!

#Oh My Girl Dolphin

Sadly not as famous as Oh My Girl’s Nonstop or Dun Dun Dance, Dolphin is a K-pop song I discovered through Arin’s performance with TXT’s Soobin on Music Bank:

And I immediately got obsessed with it! It is a great summer song and, generally, cheerful, excellent music to listen to when you feel down.

Oh My Girl is a talented group, but sadly, often overlooked.

All the members, Arin, YooA, Mimi, Jiho, Yubin, Seounghee, and Hyojung, are great vocalists and, overall, great performers!

Dolphin, in particular, talks about having a crush on someone who keeps taking us by surprise, arising feelings of confusion and amusement simultaneously.

On this wave, all day long

The feeling of surfing, dizzy feeling.

Honestly, I'm really into it, but that's a secret.

I get splashed once again.

Here is the music video:

And here is one of Oh My Girl’s performances:

#Twice Dance The Night Away

Twice is THE girl group, especially when creating cute, funny songs.

In recent years their style has matured without losing its core, and Dance the Night Away, is the perfect example of that process!

This K-pop song has immaculate summer vibes; the lyrics are lighthearted, the rhythm reminds you of a summer night spent with friends, and the choreography is easy to remember and dance along with!

All nine members, Jihyo, Jeongyeon, Momo, Mina, Sana, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, Tzuyu, and Nayeon, performed it flawlessly, making you feel, through the video, as a part of their friend's group:

From the first verse the song, in fact, invites us, “the spectator” to join them and simply “have some fun”:

You and me in the moonlight

On this festive night of shining stars

The moment we start dancing

To the sound of waves

This feeling is just so right

Hello sea, play with us

Hello wind, come on over

Under the moonlight

Yyou and me and the world

Together we party all night long

Yeah, it's good

Here is also one of their live performances:

If you like Dance The Night Away you should also check out Alcohol-Free!

#Seventeen Holiday

This is not only one of my favorite summer K-pop songs on the list, but also one of my favorite songs from Seventeen, mostly because of its great music video:

Despite looking quite simple, the video was released to celebrate Carat's 1000-day anniversary and is directed by Wonwoo.

Furthermore, having all the simplicity of a summer vacation video tape, it features all the members, S.Coups, Jeonghan, Woozi, Mingyu, Hoshi, The8, Jun, DK, Wonwoo, Joshua, Vernon, and Seungkwan, bare-faced, just having fun and vibing to their music.

The pretty playful lyrics refer to someone who is always by their side, improving their days and making them happy, words that seem both to apply to the members themselves and carats:

With both hands and with you

Paradise anywhere

Here are the full lyrics:

#Itzy ICY

Despite the title, which may confuse those of you who don’t know the song (if any of you don’t), Icy was released during the summer and is, by any means, a great summer K-pop song.

Icy doesn’t refer to the temperature but to how COOL Itzy is, and you might as well learn a thing or two from them about confidence before wearing your swimsuit and showing it off to everyone!

Icy but I’m on fire

A dream inside me, I’m confident

Look at me, I’m not a liar

I don’t want to be put in your box

Everybody blah blah

Talks a lot but I don’t care

Y’all can keep blah blah

They keep talkin’,

I keep walkin’ (...)

In the music video we see Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryong and Yuna walk through the streets of Los Angeles, looking fabulous and confident:

Here is also one of their live performances of this great K-pop summer song:

K-pop songs which are honorable mentions:

As usual I couldn’t keep out some K-pop songs that almost made it to the top 5:

#Astro Crazy Sexy Cool

This is not a song that refers directly to summer (or that was released during summer), but one with great summer vibes! If you don’t know Crazy, Sexy, Cool by Astro, listen to it immediately!

#(G)-idle Dumdi Dumdi

Not only a summer release but also a great summer song, super catchy and with easy and funny choreography, (G)-idle never disappoints!

Since Summer has arrived, having some great K-pop songs to listen to with friends is a must. I hope some of these titles will make it to your playlists!

Let us know if you have any other K-pop songs that should have made it to this article!

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