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BTS started their career as a group in 2013 under BigHit Entertainment, now part of HYBE Labels.

At the time the company was not only completely unknown but also on the verge of economic disaster due to their girl group GLAM's scandal.

Despite the grim situation Bang SiHyuk decided to create a “new group” with an hip-hop and rap focus, something that, in his opinion, was lacking at the time in the K-pop industry.

After many auditions he firstly selected RM as the leader and core of the group, he was also given the choice between debuting alone or with the group, but fortunately he decided to debut with the others.

After a few years the members were selected, each of them for their unique talent and contribution to the group, BTS were born and the group soon debuted with: RM, SUGA, J-HOPE, JIN, V, JIMIN and JUNGKOOK.

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How Jin was selected

Jin was selected by a scouter because of his looks, something that may feel extremely superficial to non K-pop fans but that is, indeed, part of the industry.

This is how many times talents are discovered and how Visuals are born, for Jin it was the same.

He was scouted on the street and only later, during training years, did he actually find out an impressive vocal talent.

In fact, at the beginning, he was actually interested in having a career as an actor, he was also actively studying Film at University, from which he also graduated, but BighHit convinced him to become part of the group they were creating. 

A bit more about Jin

Jin is the oldest member of BTS, born on the 4th of December 1992 in Anyang, close to Seoul, and from a wealthy family.

Used to being the youngest child of his family, he soon had to learn how to be the oldest, more mature brother for the other BTS members.

While Namjoon indeed has the most significant responsibility as the leader of the group Jin, although he might seem like a prankster, Jin has to become a reliable shoulder to lean on for all his new younger brothers.

At their humble beginnings, he cared for the youngest members and cooked for them every day, as Jimin and Jungkook often recall.

Jin’s personality

Jin's personality is often misunderstood. 

Since he is pretty introverted, even more, when he was younger, fans at first could only notice his more caring and calm side, the one he preferred to show.

People would often not notice him because he also had more difficulties feeling comfortable on stage, which is understandable since he started training late.

As time progressed, though, he increasingly started to show his funny and quirky side. Jin is not only hilarious but also a knowledgeable person who likes to play video games and who is among the most hardworking members of the group.

As other members have often said, Jin has spent much time practicing his vocals, which have improved immensely through the years, and his dancing skills, which have also significantly improved with time.

Jin doesn't like to open up about his problems, and often, he is the one who lightens up the mood when things get heavier.

This doesn't mean that he has no concerns or is incapable of talking about his feelings, as his solos have proven time after time.

Jin’s solos

As of now, Jin has released a total of 8 singles.

Let's dive a bit more in each of them!


Jin's first solo, like the rest of the vocal line, was for the album Wings.

He did not write the lyrics, even though he tried, but like the rest of the vocal line, Jin worked closely with Namjoon, expressing his feelings and what he wanted to portray with the song.

As of now, Wings is still one of my favorite albums, and each solo is, in my opinion, a masterpiece.

Despite BTS's claim that every solo follows the lore connected to their characters, the lyrics also seem related to their personality, and Jin's solo is very moving to me.

In the song, he talks about how he feels his role in the group is that of support, more than shining himself. He feels his most significant value is shining light on the other members' values.

Besides being sad, the song highlights how much he loves the others.

Maybe I, I can never fly

I can't fly like the flower petals over there

Or as though I have wings, yeah

Maybe I, I can't touch the sky

Still, I want to stretch my hand out

I want to run, just a bit more

Here is the live version of the song, which in may opinion is even better than the studio version:


Epiphany is the second official solo song of his career, released as part of Love Yourself: Answer.

Epiphany came two years after Awake, and here, finally, Jin (and his character in the lore) realizes that the answer he was looking for was loving himself more.

As Jin has shown us through the years, he not only decided to show us more of himself but learned to appreciate more sides of his personality.

His attitude, always confident on the outside but humble and hardworking to its core, made him a point of reference for people who, like him, struggle to love themselves.

I'm the one I should love in this world

The shining me, the precious soul of mine

I realize only now, so I love me

Even if it's a little lacking, it's so beautiful

Here is the live version of the song:

Tonight (이밤)

Starting 2019 with Tonight (이밤), Jin released a series of very emotional songs, whose meaning is even emphasized by Jin's powerful and sweet vocals.

This song, in particular, gets me every time since it is dedicated to his pets, Jjangu, Odenggie, and Eumuk, who Jin has lost.

In the lyrics, he expresses his fear of losing the ones he loves:

When that moon sets

and the sun rises

You, who had been with me

Will you be gone?


Only a year later he released Abyss, another very emotional song which revolves around his struggles with his insecurities and burn out.

The song is even more special since it was a birthday present from Jin to his fans.

Still, I remain with myself

My voice doesn't come out, I just circle around

That dark place that I wanted to be lost in, I want to go there

I'll be there

Today again, I circle around you

Here is a short live clip:


Released as part of the album Map of the Soul: 7, Moon is a song dedicated to fans, where Jin portrays himself as the moon orbiting around ARMY, the earth.

The performance for the song is heavily based on the well-known story of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince, Jin in the role of the Moon, but also of the little prince, is now profoundly enamored with the earth, who gave him purpose and a name.

Though they say I’m beautiful,

my sea is all black

A star where flowers bloom and the sky is blue

the one who is truly beautiful is you

Here is the live performance of this song: 

Yours (OST of Mount Jiri or 지리산)

He also sang the OST for the 2021 K-drama Mount Jiri, Yours.

The series revolves around mount Jiri and its mysteries, with a focus on the rangers who work there.

The song delves particularly on the themes of longing and feeling lost.

Every day you seem too far away

Every time you do, I tell myself

I'm waiting right here

Every night I see you in my heart

Every time I do, I end up crying

When I call you in the darkness

As always everything is even improved by Jin’s beautiful voice:

Super Tuna (슈퍼 참치)

Released on the day of his birthday, Super Tuna couldn’t be more different than Abyss. The song is, in fact, a funny short celebration of fishingone of the many passions Jin shares with SUGA: 

The song soon became a meme online and Jin himself was shocked at how much people loved it! 

Many of his juniors also expressed their love for Super Tuna by often singing and dancing to it: 

Astronaut (Solo Album ft. Coldplay)

Last but definitely not least, Astronaut, the single Jin released before enlisting.

If you are an ARMY, like me, this song must make you cry!

I, for sure, cannot listen to it without getting emotional; the song is, in fact, an ode to Jin’s immense love both for ARMY and BTS members.

The lyrics, as well as the video, portray Jin as somebody who was lonely and lost who finds his ultimate purpose in his loving others.

You and me

Like a star that doesn't shatter

Becomin' your dream

To travel throughout the universe

Just as the Milky Way shines upon the darkest roads

You were shinin' towards me

The only light found in the darkness

On my path to you

Here is the official video:

Here is the video of the only live performance we have of Astronaut, which Jin performed during Coldplay’s concert in Buenos Aires:  

Military enlistment

Jin enlisted on the 13th of December, not that long after his birthday.

Despite knowing that he would have been the first to enlist still ARMY were quite sad and also worried since he was dispatched in a very cold area during the winter.

A video was shared, for fans to feel closer to him, of his enlistment day: 

Jin has also left a video message for ARMY, one for each month he will spend in the military.

This is the latest one: 

Just a few days ago it was announced his participation on Yoongi's talkshow SUCHWITA: 

Before enlisting Jin actually participated in many talk shows and Korean programs, as a plus he also took the time to shoot these other contents for ARMY.

This, as much as Astronaut, is a testament to how much he loves ARMY and being part of BTS.

Among them my favorite is his interview with Youngji: 

Funny, intelligent, caring, resilient, hardworking, shy, talented, with an angelic voice, whose lyrics will only keep surprising us in the future: Jin is all of this and much more!

I could keep talking about Jin for hours, not only because he is part of my favorite group but because I firmly believe he is an incredible person and I think he helped me, and all other ARMY, to learn how to truly love ourselves day by day.

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