Korean Cheese Craze🧀

Are you obsessed with cheese? Then pack your bags and get ready to travel to Korea. Cheese has become one of the most popular ingredients in Korean restaurants. You may not expect cheese with an Asian dish, but I can guarantee you that this combination may be the best one you have ever come across. 

Here are the 7 dishes in Korea exclusively for cheese lovers. 

1. Cheese Dakgalbi

Dakgalbi is a popular Korean dish made by marinating chicken in a chili pepper paste base sauce with various vegetables and rice cake. I agree that Dalkalbi is a pretty good meal in itself, but your experience will not be complete without cheese. Top the dakgalbi with a well of melted oozing cheese. You'll soon find yourself scraping the cheese off the pan at the end of your meal.  

2. Octopus and Fondue

Seafood and cheese? The two may not seem compatible at first, but Koreans proved that they are a perfect pair with the dish called "Octopus and Fondue." Marinated octopus is served next to a hot tub of melted cheese that functions as a fondue. Dip that piece of octopus in the oozing cheese, and treat yourself. 

3. Cheese Tteokpokki

Tteokpokki with cheese is a classic. Cheese goes well with Ttoekpokki, a Korean street food with hot and spicy rice cakes, as it levels out the spice. The contrasting flavors and textures elevate this Korean local dish to the next level.

4. Cheese Ramen

You may think spicy ramen and cheese is not very appetizing, but trust me. You will never want to go back to your regular ramen once you try it with cheese. You can top it on the original Shin Ramen for a cheesy broth or top it on the Fire Noodles to help level out the spice. The options are endless. 

5. Cheese Kimchi Fried Rice

Eating kimchi fried rice is pure bliss. But top it with cheese? It's heavenly. The combination of the melted cheese on the sticky rice with the crisp edges will make you start to drool.

6. Cheese Kimbap

Gimbap, also known as the "Korean Sushi Roll", comes in many different flavors. Kimbap is affordable, delicious, and can be eaten on the go. Though the ingredients range from kimchi to tuna, cheese is undoubtedly the ingredient which will help you enhance your kimbap recipe.  As soon as you pop one roll of cheese kimbap into your mouth, you'll understand why.

7. Cheese Bingsu (Shaven Ice)

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Why limit cheese to savory foods? Cheese can be a great addition to Korean shaved ice, Bingsu. While the original bingsu is topped with red beans, bingu comes with varieties of unique toppings nowadays. Cheese bingsu comes with shaven ice topped with massive cubes of cream cheese and frozen yogurt. The dense cream cheese melts into the shaven ice underneath creating a heavenly Korean dessert. Tantalize your taste buds with a scoop of this cheese bingsu, and you will forget about the heat of Korea's summer.


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