Saying Goodbye to the Daebak Blog: My Internship Experience

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How It Started...

I started my internship six months ago, almost by accident, while I was desperately looking for a job online. I stumbled upon the Daebak internship announcement, which combined both my passion for South Korean pop culture and my interest in writing and improving my SEO skills.

It immediately caught my attention and I decided to send my application, hoping but not really believing that I would be contacted. To my surprise, however, I was contacted just a few days later and I actually started my internship for Daebak.

photo by Ilaria Frosoni

The People at Daebak

Everyone I’ve talked to, starting with Daniel, who was both the person I did my interview with and my first coordinator and editor, and then moving to Elle, and Dee, who were all my editors in the last few months, was incredibly kind and always there for me whenever I had a doubt or needed more time to work on an article, even when I just needed someone to chat with.

What I Learned

While writing for the Daebak Daily blog, I had the chance to talk about some of my favorite K-pop groups and K-Dramas, like the article I did during BTS 10 Years Anniversary dedicated to Jin, or the one I wrote about the latest Enhypen’s comeback, or like my last article focused on upcoming and ongoing K-Dramas (many of which I'm currently watching); but beside pop culture these last few months also allowed me to discover new things about South Korea, through articles about the food, the history and the traditions like the ones on Buddha's birthday and Korean folk stories.

photo by Ilaria Frosoni

I always had an interest in Korean culture that went beyond pop culture but often my curiosity was pushed back by other things, and having to do some research for the Daebak Daily log was a great excuse to finally sit down and delve deep into this interest.

In the last six months not only have I improved my SEO skills but my overall writing skills as well. This was also a great exercise for me since I live in Italy and I can rarely practice my English, especially my writing, so in this way I managed to keep my English sharp.

Why You Should Consider Doing This Internship

I would easily recommend this internship with The Daebak Company to anyone who shares my interest in South Korean culture and who is interested in either improving or developing useful working skills, in a way this was also an opportunity to get closer to South Korea vicariously, even though, in my case, this was a remote internship. However, it gave me the chance to work with a Korean company and experience an international Korean working environment through the weekly video calls we had to discuss the content.

Most of the other interns were from all over the world, which also made the experience more interesting and enriching, thanks to our different cultural backgrounds and approaches, but it also made it difficult for us to find the right time to do a video call, since all of us were in completely different time zones!

Despite the difficulties, though, we managed to make it work and collaborate and I hope our effort will pay off by giving more spotlight to the Daebak company and by guiding all of us interns towards a job that we love and that will satisfy us fully.

I also hope we, both interns and readers, will have the chance to visit a country for which we share a common respect and passion.

If you're interested in sharing your love for all things Korean and want to learn more about what we do, you might want to consider joining our team as an on-site or remote intern. You can get more details through the Daebak's internship page

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