South Korea’s First African-Korean Model: Han Hyun-min

South Korea’s First African-Korean Model: Han Hyun-min - The Daebak Company

Being the birthplace of talented individuals is nothing new for South Korea. Unfortunately, living in South Korea can be tough for those who want to try and pursue their dreams in the entertainment world. Nonetheless, this situation did not stop one individual in particular who is also known to be South Korea’s first African-Korean model. His name is Han Hyun-min.

Han Hyun-min was born to a Korean mother and Nigerian father, which has caused him to face much discrimination in his life. As a young child, people would often make fun of him because of his skin color and would automatically assume he was a foreigner. However, his mother often encouraged him not to get discouraged or saddened by what others had to say. She, too, would consistently remind him of how special he would become and she was not wrong. Han Hyun-min took on the challenge of being a model at 15-years old and has already been featured in many TV shows such as “Happy Together”, “Men on a Mission,” and “M Countdown”.

Not only has Han Hyun-min been featured in TV shows, but he has been featured in many magazines like Elle Korea, Harper’s Bazaar Korea, and Vogue Korea as well. He has also modeled for companies such as Nike. However, he first caused a national buzz when he first appeared on the catwalk for the fashion label, Heich Es Heich, back in 2016 at the young age of 16. His pink hair and tan skin really stood out as he confidently strutted on the runway with other Korean models.

Outside of the many hours he puts in to spend modeling, Han Hyun-min still finds time to be a normal teenager. On his social media, it is common to run into photos of him modeling personally, but the best ones are the posts of him enjoying life. He consistently posts photos of himself on Instagram doing different activities such as snowboarding, relaxing at the beach, and enjoying delicious food. People can also find pictures of him hanging out with his close friends and family.

In many interviews, Han Hyun-min has mentioned that he just wants to be a role model for all the other multiracial people in the world. He wants to make a difference in showing that anyone of a different cultural background can be successful in South Korea. His parents are very proud of his accomplishments and many people around the world cannot wait what more Han Hyun-min has to offer.

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Written by: Cris White

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