Yet To Come: The BTS Busan Concert Experience

Yet To Come: The BTS Busan Concert Experience - The Daebak Company

In a bid for the city of Busan to hold the World Expo in 2030, the world-renowned kpop group BTS held a concert at Asian Main Stadium on October 15. 

What set the BTS Busan concert apart from most was that it was an unforgettable experience for ARMYs and viewers. As seen with BTS turning the entire city of Las Vegas into a mini purple festival, affectionately referred to as Boraehagas, the same was done in Busan. Fans nicknamed the purple-covered city, Borasan, for the BTS Yet To Come Busan Concert.

A drone show after the Yet To Come BTS concert against the Busan night sky.
Image from Weverse​​

Fans got to enjoy BTS exhibitions in Seoul and Busan, pre and after-parties, BTS-themed hotel rooms with BTS freebies, restaurants with BTS-themed food and drinks, a trip to Lotte World in Busan decorated with an explosion of purple, and even a drone show in the Busan night sky. 

Yet To Come Busan: The Free BTS Busan Concert Experience

An audience point of view of the stage during the BTS Busan World Expo 2030 concert.
Image from @bts_bighit on Twitter​​

With over 100,000 fans believed to have attended, the BTS concert in Busan was a massive production to undertake. With under two months of planning from the announcement, people shared several speculations about the readiness of the infrastructure for the Yet To Come Busan concert.

Planning a concert in such a short amount of time was one thing, but creating a full fledge experience of turning Busan into a playground for BTS's fandom Army, who were traveling from all over the world to see them, was a feat in itself. Few people who have been to a BTS concert would doubt that the BTS Yet To Come Busan concert would be any less amazing, and BTS, without a doubt, pulled it off.

How Did Fans Watch the Concert?

Army bombs lit up to say "BTS *heart symbol* Army" at the BTS Concert in Busan for the World Expo 2030 bid
Iamge from @bts_bighit on Twitter​​

The concert was free, but you need a ticket to attend. The majority of concert tickets were given away via a raffle on Weverse. When fans won the raffle, Weverse directed the winners to the ticketing site Interpark to register to receive their tickets

Weverse also held a few contests for fans who did not win the raffle to get tickets. BTS partnered with a few brands to give away tickets through gaming apps and store purchases.

While some tickets were available after the raffle, they sold out within less than 15 minutes on Interpark's website, which speaks to the popularity of BTS.

The BTS Yet To Come Busan Concert had one of the largest viewing audiences ever. The Busan Asiad Stadium has a seating capacity of 50,000 fans. Over 12,000 fans attended the Live Play events, where they played the concert on giant screens at Haeundae Beach and Busan Port.

Haeundae Beach Live Play for the Yet To Come BTS concert in Busan for the World Expo 2030 bid.
Image from Weverse​​
BTS Live Play event at Busan Port for the Yet To Come BTS concert for the World Expo 2030 bid.
Image from Weverse​​

Millions of fans who could not attend the concert or the Live Plays in Busan watched the BTS concert in Busan concert through one of 3 official live stream links provided by Weverse, Naver, and Zepeto. Over 49 million fans watched the BTS Yet To Come Busan Concert through Weverse before it seemingly crashed from the huge traffic.  

The Stage

BTS stage screens for the Yet To Come BTS concert in Busan for the World Expo 2030 bid
Image from Twitter​​

As fans walked into the stadium for the concert, the props on the stage for the BTS Busan performance immediately stood out. The stage screens featured BTS's symbol in the middle and fanned out from them, similar to the look of the cover of BTS's Proof Anthology Album.

The dilapidated carousel that says "You Never Walk Alone" along the top of it, from BTS's "Spring Day" music video, was also present on stage.

The stage from the Yet To Come BTS concert in Busan for the World Expo 2030 bid.
Image from Twitter​​

Behind the carousel was a train cargo container with the number "20219" on it. This cargo car can be seen at the beginning of BTS's "RUN" music video. It has been the source of much mystery and debate amongst the Army fandom over what those numbers mean.

A yellow school bus is beside the cargo container. The bus is undoubtedly a nod to the legacy of BTS that started with their debut single "No More Dream," featuring the members coming out of a yellow school bus as they introduced themselves to the world. 

A giant, tattered concrete statue with wings is ominously looking down at the stage. A similar statue from BTS's "Blood, Sweat, & Tears" music video.

The stage from the Yet To Come BTS concert in Busan for the World Expo 2030 bid.
Image from Twitter​​

In front of the statue was a red piano. Army knows that Yoongi's first love was the piano, and he is often featured playing it in many BTS content videos. The piano is no longer on fire like it was in the Wings short film #4 entitled "First Love" and is instead surrounded by flowers. 

Besides the statue and the piano sits a train car. This train car pays homage to the train scene in their "Spring Day" music video. They performed "Spring Day" towards the end of the  BTS concert in Busan inside this train car, sitting in the exact same spots they were seated in, in the music video. 

The Set List

The set list for the BTS Concert in Busan kept fans singing and on their feet all night long! RUN BTS was performed live for the first time, and fans were thrilled to get a taste of the new choreography of the song. BTS members Jungkook and Jimin are from Busan, so it was only fitting that Jimin introduced the song by yelling, "Welcome to Ma City, Let's Go." 

BTS Jimin also celebrated a birthday two days before the concert, so Army sang "Happy Birthday" to him. The members ended the concert by singing "Yet To Come" after assuring fans that BTS would be back with more music to share if they trusted them. 

BTS performing "Idol" during their Yet To Come BTS concert in Busan for the World Expo 2030 bid.
Image from Naver​​
  1. Mic Drop
  2. Run BTS (Live Debut)
  3. RUN
  4. Save Me
  5. 00:00 (Zero O'Clock)
  6. Butterfly (Prologue Mix)
  7. UGH!
  8. Cypher Pt. 3: Killer
  9. Dynamite
  10. Boy With Luv
  11. Butter
  12. Ma City
  13. Dope
  14. Fire
  15. IDOL
  16. Epilogue: Young Forever
  17. For Youth
  18. Spring Day (Encore)
  19. Happy Birthday (To Jimin)
  20. Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)

Yet To Come BTS in Busan Merch

A Yet To Come in Busan merch booth.
Image from Weverse​​

No BTS concert experience would be complete without merch! It's become a norm for fans to line up early in the morning to be able to purchase merch offline, as they sell out quickly. 

The Busan Main Lotte Department Store, The Seoul Lotte Mall World Store, The Busan Asiad Main Stadium, and the Busan Port International Passenger Terminal Outdoor Parking Lot all had Yet To Come merch available for purchase, in addition to the Artist-Made Collection by BTS and j-hope's Jack In The Box official merch. 

Orders could also be made online and picked up in minutes as long as fans were in the vicinity of one of the sites offering the pickup option.

Some of the purple hued merch avaiable as part of the BTS <Yet To Come> in Busan collection.
Image from Weverse

The BTS <Yet To Come> in Busan Merch comes with beautiful backdrops of the skyline of Busan and gorgeous shades of purple. The BTS merch included sticker sheets, postcards, magnets, masking tape, key rings, badge sets, hoodies, posters, and a photobook. 

If you missed out on getting merch at the concert, no worries, The Daebak Company has you covered! Daebak's BTS Official BTS Merch shop has everything from Yet to Come mini photocards and Yet To Come apparel.

BTS Proof Exhibition

To keep the BTS experience as immersive as possible, Bighit Music announced that they would be launching the 2020 BTS Exhibition: Proof in Seoul and Busan. The exhibitions would be available for Army to visit starting September 28 until November 22. 

Described as an experienced that connects the dots through all of BTS's eras, the Proof exhibition takes Army through a journey from the group's inception and into the future, as the group has continually assured fans that they aren't going anywhere. Videos and photos from their 9-year career are featured in the various rooms of the exhibition hall, and Proof merch is also available for purchase. 

Can't make it to Seoul or Busan for the Proof Exhibition? You can still get Proof merch at The Daebak Company

Lotte World Adventure Busan

Purple Lights Up is the event being held at Lotte World Adventure Busan theme park from October 14 to October 31. The theme park was adorned with BTS decor and featured various BTS-themed photo zones, BTS food, drink, and dessert menu. 

BTS themed decorations at Lotte World Adventure Busan theme park.
Image from Weverse​​
BTS themed food, drink, and desserts at Lotte World Adventure Busan theme park.
Image from Weverse​​

BTS Yet To Come Busan Concert official after parties were held on October 15 and 16. Fans could purchase tickets to the event, allowing them to enjoy the theme park and the after-party. The DJ played BTS's hit songs, and fireworks and a laser light show lit up the night sky as the after-party was underway.

Fireworks decorate the night sky behind the Lotte World Busan castle during the Yet To Come BTS concert afterparty.
Image from Weverse​​
a laser light show decorates the Lotte World Busan castle during the Yet To Come BTS concert After Party.
Image from Weverse​​

Yet To Come in Busan BTS Themed Hotels

A sign outside of a hotel that says "Yet to Come THE CITY in BUSAN" illuminated by purple light.
Image from Weverse​​

As an extra incentive for fans to visit Busan for the BTS Yet To Come Busan Concert, five hotels in Busan offered BTS-themed hotel room packages. Paradise Hotel, Lotte Hotel, Marriot Hotel, Park Hyatt Hotel, and Grand Josun Hotel each offered different BTS-themed perks for booking a room during the weekend of the BTS Yet To Come concert. 

Grand Josun Busan Hotel
Image from Weverse​​
Paradise Hotel Busan
Image from Weverse​​

The hotels also offered BTS-themed photo zones, eating areas featuring a BTS-themed menu, and BTS decorations throughout the hotel buildings and grounds. 

Dynamite Photo Zone and decorative installation at the Paradise Hotel in Busan.
Image from Weverse​​
A BTS photo zone at the Grand Josun Busan hotel.
Image from Weverse​​

Fans could also purchase tickets to attend a hotel pre-party to celebrate the upcoming concert with fellow ARMYs. 

Pre-Party at Paradise Hotel
Image from Weverse​​

The Best is Yet To Come

With the BigHit Music announcement confirming that all members of BTS plan to enlist and fulfill their mandatory military service, this BTS concert in Busan seemed like the perfect way for the guys to be with Army one more time before they reconvene group activities in 2025. The first member to enlist is BTS Jin. He will be going into the military before the end of the year.

It is bittersweet to think about BTS going into the military. Still, they've assured ARMYs time and time again that the best is truly yet to come, and they have no intention of disbanding as they want to stay together with ARMYs as long as possible. 

BTS waving to fans at the end of their Yet To Come BTS concert in Busan for the World Expo 2030 bid
Image from Twitter​​

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What's your favorite album or era of BTS? Let us know in the comments.

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