Fashion Faves: Exploring 5 Popular Korean Brands K-pop Idols Wear On Stage

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K-pop fashion has always been a fundamental part of enjoying this media for its fans. When looking at music videos, stage performances, or even idols' airport fashion, many fans love to study, comment and later emulate these outfits.

For example, it is common to see entire Instagram and Twitter profiles dedicated to a particular group's fashion or just one member's outfits.

Since many fans took these idols as their fashion inspirations, these profiles also usually share where the clothes are from and, sometimes, where to buy them.

Among the many brands' idols wear, I've tried to list the five most popular Korean brands worn by idols, especially on stage.

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#Ader Error

Born from a collective of creatives from Seoul that work all over the world, Ader Error is a unique brand whose name means both attraction for aesthetics (A for aesthetic, D for drawing, and the ER is added to create a verb) and attraction for imperfections (Error stands for that).

The brand is not considered a luxury brand but is undoubtedly in the high price range.

Ader Error has a unique and creative vibe, which is why so many K-pop idols love it!

Here is BTS’s Jimin wearing Ader Error pants for their IDOL music video:

TREASURE’s Asahi also wore an Ader Error knit vest for their My Treasure music video:

Finally here it is Redvelvet’s Wendy wearing an Ader Error sweater:

Reasonably one of the most popular Korean brands among idols!

#Gentle Monster

Gentle Monster is a Korean luxury eyewear brand that has steadily risen in popularity in recent years.

Not only do many idols wear this brand very frequently, but Blackpink’s Jennie also collaborated with the brand various times to create exclusive collections:

Itzy’s Yeji has also recently wore Gentle Monster glasses in their latest MV for their track “None of My Business”:

And TXT’s Yeonjun has worn Gentle Monster’s glasses both on and off stage many many times!

Definitely a must on the list of most popular Korean brands among idols!


Mixxmix is among the most affordable popular Korean brands on the list, which you should definitely check out, especially if you like cutesy dresses with an edgy and stylish vibe.

This brand, in particular, only realizes clothes for women, but also some male idols wore its designs.

It is not a surprise then that many idols are fans of this brand, its simple lines, and its excellent fit, and, for this reason, I couldn’t skip it on the most popular Korean brands list!

Here you can see Nayeon wearing a super sweet and cute Mixxmix cardigan at the airport:

Despite its very feminine appeal also Superjunior’s Heechul wore one of Mixxmix adorable t-shirts:

IU also wore it on stage during her tour 3 years ago:

Recently NewJeans’s Hyein wore it as well:

Mixxmix is surely a very popular Korean brand, especially among the prettiest idols in the K-pop industry, the perfect brand for those of you who want to achieve a cute style!

#Lucky Chouette

Lucky Chouette is a brand that combines classical and street-wear vibes, which takes inspiration from traditional Korean dresses and international influences.

Its name refers to “chouette,” in French, “owl,” which is supposed to be a good luck charm, and the brand includes different renditions of its owl with every new collection.

The brand is catered to women, like Mixxmix, and is cute, but the two brands are quite different.

Ive’s Yujin recently collaborated with the brand:

Twice’s Tzuyu also wore one of their shirts for the Fanfare music video:

As well as Kep1er’s Chaehyun, who wore one of their skirts during her apparition at the ‘The Show’ as an MC:

A very cute brand, perfect for those who want to include some nice classic and feminine pieces to their wardrobe!


Created by Lee Hyemee, EENK is a bold and creative brand that finds inspiration in everything and transforms it into unique pieces of clothing.

EENK, like Ader Error, is not exactly considered a luxury brand but is in the high-price range of clothing brands.

It is also targeted both to men and women.

Its designs combine straightforward lines and unexpected twists, giving the brand its vanguard vibe; this explains why it’s one of the most popular Korean brands.

Itzy’s Yuna, in their recent music video for “None of My Business,” wore an EENK top:

While Aespa’s Karina wore an EENK dress for an Instagram KB Solveathon video:

Finally Girls' Generation’s Taeyeon wore an EENK top during Queendom:

Definitely a must on this list!

Listing only five of the most popular Korean brands among K-pop idols took a lot of work, but I tried my best! Please find some fashion inspiration and let us know if you want to suggest any other brand I forgot.

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