Feeling It: Korean Snacks for All Your Moods!

Feeling It: Korean Snacks for All Your Moods! - The Daebak Company

Whatever you’re feeling, the right snack or meal can provide comfort. If you’re sad, it can make you feel warm and happy. If you’re feeling happy, it can keep your energy going. If you’re nervous, it can calm you and feel like a hug. Food is an essential part of life.

People don’t like to rely on food to help their emotions, but there’s nothing wrong with a little tasty snack. If you’re feeling things and want a treat to make you feel better, we’re here to give you a few suggestions.

  • Comfort Food

When you’re feeling down, a good snack can make you feel just a little bit better. Maybe you need something to warm you up inside. One snack that packs a nice flavor and feels comfy is Haitai Calbee Honey Butter Chips. These chips started a craze with their flavor, which can easily be compared to a baked potato with honey and butter. They even became a rare find in 2014 because they were so popular that the producers couldn’t keep up. There have been a few special edition flavors such as Maple Syrup and Lavender & Blueberry. No matter which version fits your preference, these chips really do give you good feelings.

A dessert choice for times like these is Lotte Margaret soft cookies. Everything about these cookies from the subtle but strong flavor to the softness of the snack itself makes these the perfect comfort food. They’re bound to make you feel warm and happy.

  • Need A Distraction

Everyone has times when they feel nervous or overwhelmed and need a distraction from whatever is going on. The right snack can make you put some work in and also taste great! Our first choice is for the savory fans: Ottogi’s Ppushu Ppushu Noodle Snacks. They come in a few different flavors, such as BBQ, bulgogi, and spicy. All you do is put the flavoring on top, close the bag, crush the noodles, and shake. This snack might look like ramen, but this is not one you cook. It might feel odd when you’re used to boiling noodles but they’re a must-try.

Every country has their own version of dippable biscuit sticks. A big one in Korea is Haitai Choco Pick. They come with the biscuit sticks and a compartment for a chocolate cream dip and even sprinkles. It’s a nice customizable treat that will keep your mind off of what you’re doing for a while.

  • Happy Times

Whenever you’re feeling happy, you usually want to keep that feeling alive. Some snacks are fun and remind you of good times from the past. This is another snack you can find different versions of internationally, but they all provide the same fun. Lotte Kkokkalcorn is a corn chip in the shape of cones that you can fit on your fingertips. At least that’s how most people choose to enjoy these snacks. Dip your hand in the bag, stack them on your fingers, and enjoy!

A classic snack that makes everyone happy is Choco Pies.  Different brands have their own versions and their own flavors from green tea to strawberry to banana. There’s one for everyone, and something about their soft texture and flavorful insides keeps you coming back for more.

  • Time to Chillax

Whatever your reason to chill is — from anger to work to overexcitement — we all need something to calm us down. There’s nothing wrong with sitting down with a nice snack and watching your favorite show! A tasty snack to just enjoy a flavor and get your nutrients is Bibigo’s Seaweed Crisps. These have a layer of seaweed on top of thin rice crackers and they come in different flavors from spicy to BBQ to honey. Something about their lightness and flavorful bite can really calm you down and tempt you to eat the whole bag.

Cold foods and drinks are the best way to calm your body down on the inside. A lighter way to do the trick is with a popsicle. There are plenty of great options, and you can’t go wrong with Melona. You can get them in different fruit flavors, and they’re the perfect size. The sweet taste and cooler temperature will definitely help you chill out!

  • Wakey Wakey

After a not-so-good night of sleep or a hard work session, it can take a lot to stay awake. If you’re tired enough, you need activity to keep yourself from falling back asleep. Many people use coffee and caffeine to do the job. If you’re one of those people, you’ll love Lotte’s Let’s Be Coffee. This drink comes in a can and tastes just as good as your usual brew. It doesn’t taste that strong, which is good for all the mild folk and it’s sweet enough without the extra sugar and creamer.

Another effective way to wake your body up is with spice. Spicy foods are good for making you want to move around and making your nose and eyes react. Murgerbon’s Hot & Spicy Almonds will do just the trick. Their flavor is tasty, but follows through with the heat. They’ll have you moving around in no time! Almonds are also a great source for protein and iron.

Food can do so much for a person. They serve a great purpose and can have the same effect on life as music can. That’s what makes it so special. If you ever want to amplify your emotions or feel a little better, you need to find the right snack. What’s one food or drink that pairs well with your moods?

Written by Chey Olexa

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