Sweet Happy Valentines Day Snacks to Make at Home!

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Huge teddy bears meant for hugging have found their way into store aisles, and chocolate is positioned right next to them.

Here are some sweet Valentine's day snacks and other Korean snacks you may create at home, whether you want to express your love to your significant other, your friends, your family, or simply yourself!

Sweet Happy Valentines Day Snacks in Korea!

Korean Watermelon Punch

Watermelon punch is one of the easier recipes on this list, and still just as delicious! It gives you many options for the type of fruit or drink base you prefer, whether it be something fizzy and fun, like Sprite, or something filling, like a milk base. You could even do a mixture of the two! It only takes about ten minutes to put together, so it’s a quick and refreshing way to spend your Valentine’s Day. You could even try cutting your fruit into heart shapes to up the cute factor!

Check out the recipe here.

Pepero Cake

The cutest and most original recipe on the list has to be this one! Everyone is aware that Pepero is the best method for confessing to someone. 

Even an entire day is devoted to the delicious treat that corresponds with showing affection to the important people in your life. 

You can combine different Pepero border tastes, and (as you'll see in the recipe) you can even use a swiss roll as a cake plate rather than baking your own! Easy as pie.
Check out the recipe here.

Injeolmi Bingsu

The hardest part of this dish is holding off on the food until you're done. 

The exquisite toppings of red bean paste, small mochi rice cakes, grain powder, and almond flakes are still present in injeolmi bingsu, a variety of patbingsu (a form of shaved ice). 

Of course, you may replace any toppings with others that better suit your tastes.

Check out the recipe here.

Strawberry Rice Cake

Another beloved Korean classic is given a wonderful update!
Since Valentine's Day and White Day, strawberry rice cakes have gained a lot of popularity.

It will be simple for rice cake veterans to include a strawberry.
Beginners might find it a little trickier, but don't let that stop you!
You can follow the recipe below at your own leisure because it includes images.

It's the ideal small treat to give to someone as a token of your affection or as a reminder to indulge yourself occasionally.

Check out the recipe here.

See all recipes are from My Korean Kitchen!

Will you make any of these recipes this year for your Valentine? Please share your favorite Valentine's Day treat in the comments section.

Written by Alexa Manery

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