HORI7ON: To Perform at 2024 Winter Youth Olympics Opening Ceremonies


Anticipation is reaching a fever pitch as HORI7ON, the trailblazing All-Filipino Global Pop Group, gears up to grace the stage at the opening ceremonies of the "2024 Winter Youth Olympics" in Gangwon province, South Korea. 

Scheduled to deliver a captivating performance on Friday, January 19, at the Pyeongchang Dome, the group will be part of a star-studded lineup headlined by Korean sensation Girls' Generation's TaeYeon.

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HORI7ON's Rise to Stardom: A Musical Journey Like No Other

Comprising the stellar talents of Vinci Malizon, Kim Huat Ng, Kyler Chua, Reyster Yton, Winston Pineda, Jeromy Batac, and Marcus Cabais, HORI7ON has been making waves in the music industry, leaving an indelible mark with their extraordinary skills and distinctive style. 

As the pioneers of the first All-Filipino Global Pop Group, their inclusion in the prestigious opening ceremonies marks a significant milestone, not just for the band but also for Filipino representation on the global stage.

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The Countdown Begins: Excitement Surrounding HORI7ON's Olympic Debut

With the clock ticking down to their much-anticipated performance, fans and enthusiasts alike are eager to witness HORI7ON's debut on the grand stage of the Winter Youth Olympics

The Pyeongchang Dome is set to be illuminated with the unique energy and charm that have become synonymous with the group's musical prowess.

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Philippine Pride: HORI7ON's Historic Role in Global Representation

HORI7ON's participation in the opening ceremonies signifies a historic moment for Filipino representation on the global stage. As ambassadors of Philippine talent, the group's journey from local acclaim to an international platform is a testament to their dedication and the boundless potential of Filipino artists.

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Members of Excellence: The Exceptional Talents Behind HORI7ON

Each member of HORI7ON brings a distinctive flair to the group, contributing to their collective brilliance. From Vinci Malizon's soulful vocals to Winston Pineda's mesmerizing dance moves, the ensemble promises a performance that transcends cultural boundaries and resonates with a global audience.

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What to Expect from HORI7ON's Performance

 As HORI7ON prepares to take center stage at the Winter Youth Olympics, fans can anticipate a musical spectacle that blends diverse talents, vibrant beats, and a captivating stage presence. The group's performance is poised to be a celebration of unity, music, and the shared spirit of the Olympic Games.

Conclusion: A Dazzling Prelude to Olympic Glory

 In conclusion, HORI7ON's participation in the 2024 Winter Youth Olympics opening ceremonies heralds a new era of recognition for Filipino artists on the global stage. 

The group's exceptional talents and groundbreaking role as the first All-Filipino Global Pop Group set the stage for a performance that will undoubtedly be etched in the annals of musical and Olympic history. 

As the world awaits this dazzling prelude to Olympic glory, HORI7ON stands ready to make its mark and inspire audiences worldwide to make a lasting impression on the global stage, leaving audiences in awe of its collective and individual artistry.

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