BTS Jhope Joins Crush Rush Hour Comeback

BTS Jhope Joins Crush Rush Hour Comeback - The Daebak Company

A new collaboration between BTS’ Jhope and Crush has sent excitement across the BTS fandom as both artists announced the exciting news! The duo will drop the new song Rush Hour very soon. It is the first collaboration of BTS Jhope from BTS wth another artist after their solo plan announcement.  

Read on to find out Jhope X Crush Rush Hour release date, time, and more details of the collaboration so far! 

BTS Jhope Joins Crush Rush Hour

Earlier this month, the R&B and hip hop singer-songwriter and producer Crush of P Nation announced his new song Rush Hour with BTS J-Hope. Both Korean artists shared news of their collaboration on Monday. 

With a previous Billboard Hot 100 charting song That That by Yoongi and Psy, it is understandable that fans just can’t wait for another HYBE x P Nation collab!

The anticipated new song Rush Hour will also mark Crush’s comeback after completing mandatory military service. Both Crush's fans and BTS ARMY will be able to enjoy Jhope’s artistry again as his recent record-breaking album Jack In The Box was released around two months ago. 

The wait for the release of the Rush Hour MV is almost over!

What is the release date of Rush Hour MV?

Jhope and Crush’s new song Rush Hour is set to be released on September 22nd, 2022.

What time is Rush Hour MV being released?

The music video for Rush Hour will be released at 6 pm KST/ 5 am ET.

Where can I stream Rush Hour MV?

The music video for the Jhope x Crush Rush Hour Collab will be uploaded to Crush’s Youtube Channel on Thursday 22nd September at 6 pm KST/ 5 am ET.

About Crush


Shin Hyo-seob, popularly known as Crush, is a singer-songwriter from PNATION. After being part of the group FANXY CHILD and duo Masterpiece, Crush debuted as a solo artist on April 1, 2014, and released the single Sometimes. He is known for producing  R&B and hip hop songs with unique tunes from jazz instruments.

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