Let’s Have A Game Night: Korean Board Games

Let’s Have A Game Night: Korean Board Games - The Daebak Company

It's the rainy season, and you are trying to figure out what to do at home. You have watched all the Kdramas, so what are you going to do next?

Well, grab a couple of 친구(chin-gus= friends), your favorite Korean snacks, and some Korean board games and let’s have fun!

Check out this list of new board games and a couple traditional games of Korea that you can play with your friends to ensure a fun game night. 

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Fun Korean Board Games

Knowing Brothers Classroom Block Board Game

Knowing Brothers Classroom Block Board Game
​​Photo Courtesy: Daily Motion

Knowing Brothers, a popular variety show that your favorite Kpop stars appeared on like Girls’ Generation and Zico, has a fun board game to bring that experience home! 

Knowing Brothers Classroom Block allows you and your friends to have the opportunity to build your very own set of Knowing Brothers! 

With over 400 pieces included in the box, you’ll have all the lessons, programs, and characters, in the form of stickers. You need to build some of your favorite episodes out and reenact them.

Laugh all night with your friends as you take turns acting as some of your favorite characters from this popular show.

Hanguel Board Game: Korean on the Board

a photo with Korean characters

Want to travel through South Korea but you can’t yet? Hangeul Board Game Korean on the Board provides a fun opportunity to explore different regions and popular attractions around South Korea. 

This board game is written in hangul which provides a great opportunity for you and your friends to practice reading and speaking Korean as you travel around the board, discovering new travel destinations. 

With over 73 attractions to discover, you and your friends will have fun playing through each city and dreaming about what you will do on your trip to South Korea. 

So, where do you want to travel first?

Raon Hangul Korean Board Game

a board game with tiles spelled as GAMES

The next popular Korean board game is Raon. Raon is similar to the popular game Scrabble. 

When playing Raon, you’ll have 2-4 players, and you’ll try to build words using the consonants and vowels of Hangul. 

This game is great for those who are starting to learn Hangul or those who know it already. There’s no limitation on the level of Hangul skills- just be fast as you build your words!

This game is great for those who are starting to learn Hangul or those who know it already. There’s no limitation on the level of Hangul skills- just be fast as you build your words!

So, study up on your Hangul and get ready to build words in this fun game. Make sure to grab the beautiful 10th year anniversary edition of Raon from daebak.co.

Blue Marble: Korean Monopoly

a korean board game with green house tiles and one red house tile

A popular game around the world is Monopoly. Well Korea has its own version of monopoly called Blue Marble (부루마불). The biggest difference of this game compared to Monopoly is that players are playing to buy as many cities as you can. 

With cities all around the world like Manila and New York, players will have fun traveling through various cities as they build buildings and charge rent to their friends.

Like Monopoly, the player who wins has the most money and properties at the end of the game. 

This is another great game for those beginning to read Hangul as the board game features simple easy-to-read words. Just sound out the city's name, and you’ll find yourself reading Hangul like a pro!

With up to 2-4 players able to play, this game is sure to become a favorite pastime game while you hang out with your friends. 

YuNori: Traditional Korean Board Game

Lastly, as an honorable mention, is one of the traditional games of Korea, called Yut-Nori (윷놀이). As a piece of history, Yutnori has been enjoyed by Koreans of all ages for over 1000 years.

This game is super fun as players have to be strategic and use logic to win. It is another fun game that’ll make any game night a blast.

To learn more about the history and get a great explanation on how to play YutNori with your friends, check out this video, posted by Gateway Korea Foundation.

What Is The Most Popular Board Game In Korea?

Despite the new board games, the most popular Korean board game is still Yutnori. You can watch videos of BTS and other kpop idols until today playing the board dice game!

Mixing traditional and new Korean board games into your game night will ensure that your friends have fun all night. The Daebak Company offers Korean board games to liven up your weekend game night with your friends and family!


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