3 Korean YouTube Channels that Promote K-culture

3 Korean YouTube Channels that Promote K-culture - The Daebak Company

If you are fantasizing about traveling or moving to South Korea you can entertain yourself by watching hours and hours of South Korea-related contents on YouTube. 

What better way to learn about K-culture than from Koreans themselves. In this post, I will present you three of my favorite channels that give an insight into how Koreans think, act and what their tastes are, and how their culture differentiates from others.

These 3 channels are fully in Korean with English subtitles which makes it perfect to improve your Korean listening skills.

1. Awesome World


With 490,000+ subscribers, this group of Koreans in their 20’s makes funny, short videos (their videos are around 10 minutes) which will get you easily hooked.



Their content generally revolves around them reacting to differences in media (advertisements, movies, TikTok, etc.). For example, “Koreans React to Korean Memes Made by Foreigners” or “Korean Girls React to America’s Top 5 TikTokers”. They also try new snacks or meet people from other countries and have conversations about different topics. For example, “Korean Guy and Japanese Girl Compare Korean English vs. Japanese English” or “Korean Girl and American Guy Having Chopsticks vs. Forks Battle”. Their responses show the differences between Korean and other countries’ culture.


They also test products and take part on different challenges like language learning or geography related activities like the videos “Can Koreans Name a Country by looking at World Map?” or “Can You Guess Your Country’s Candy?”

It is a great channel to subscribe to if you are interested in contemporary K-culture. You get a taste of how young Korean generation think and act and you will always have a laugh with them.


2. Shine Teen


They currently have around 110,000 subscribers.

Their videos feature Korean teenagers who compare Korean culture with the rest of the world. For example, the video “Things Westerners Do That Asians May Never Understand? Or “US vs. Korea, High School TikToks). In every video another teen from the country that it is being talked about appears.


They are short and dynamic videos that you can binge watch in your free time if you are curious about the differences between countries.

3. ODG

This channel has the biggest following out of the three with more than 2 million subscribers. It is based around a clothing brand for Kids with the same name as the channel, ODG. They are most popular for the videos in which a Korean boy (Hyun-Ho) and an American girl (Carson) hang out and spend time together regardless of the language barrier.



Another big portion of their videos include little Korean kids between 5 and 10 being introduced to different people. Sometimes they meet Korean celebrities like rappers (Jessi, Sik-K…) or idols (NCT, EXO, SHINee…), etc.


They have conversations and ask questions to each other. As they are noticeably young, they ask without any filter, so it is very entertaining and fun to watch. K-culture is also present in all the videos from this channel as you learn about the mindset and values that small Korean kids adopt from a young age.


Give these channels a chance whenever you have some free time, and they will not let you down.

Also, let us know in the comments if you knew about these YouTube channels before or if it is the first time you watch their content and which one is your favorite!

Sofia Gonzalez Sanchez 

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