Chinese Remakes of Korean Dramas that You've Gotta Check Out!

Chinese Remakes of Korean Dramas that You've Gotta Check Out! - The Daebak Company

Korean dramas are popular all over the world, and other countries, such as China and Taiwan, have taken notice to the ever popular and versatile entertainment.

Not only do K-dramas and Chinese dramas have the same allure, they also share the drive to give viewers the opportunity to share love, sadness, triumph and despair.

Listed below are eight Chinese remakes of K-dramas worth checking out!

  • Love Through a Millennium (Queen In Hyun's Man)

A love that lasts the span of decades.

  • Pretty Li Hui Zhen (She Was Pretty)

Self-doubt and insecurities all mixed into one. Can she shake it off, all while attempting to open herself to another person? Or will her fear get the best of her?

  • When We Were Young (Who Are You: School 2015)

Sharing the same name isn’t the only thing this set of twins share as they face both triumphs and tribulations together. What will happen to them?

  • Dear Them (Dear My Friends)

Friends who reached the prime of their age come together to support each other while trying hard to forget and get past of all the worries the world brings.

  • Seven of Me (Kill Me, Heal Me)

What do you do when you’ve met someone who gives you the feeling you’ve bitten off more than you can chew, while at the same time wanting to try to help them overcome the many versions themselves?

  • Prince Coffee Lab (Coffee Prince)

Being mistaken as a boy then getting a job at a coffee shop that only hires male employees is a lot for anyone to handle, but add the burden of having to support her families responsibilities, and it almost becomes too much! Will she be able to keep their true identity a secret and look after her family, or will it all fall apart?

  • Youth (Age Of Youth)

Five college students sharing one house? Not only sharing a roof over their head, but also share life experiences, can they continue to support each other with all the obstacles in their way?

  • Full House (Full House)

They move into a house built by their father, then are tricked by their best friends, and take a vacation. While away, their friends sell the house... to a famous actor. Coincidentally, they meet an actor on the plane, who just so happens to be the man who bought their house?! What could possibly happen next?

  • Ordinary Glory (Incomplete Life)

Following the story of a manager who has been looked over for a promotion and his new intern.

If you've already watched either version of these dramas, what are your thoughts? Comment below and share your opinion! 

Written by Maegs

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