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Characters in K-dramas always seem to divulge in an array of delicious foods. It’s become such a popular convention in dramas that there are actual slow-motion montages of characters getting and enjoying their food in comedic ways. Why not join the fun in these delicious adventures and try your own K-drama delicacies!

  • Sauna Eggs

If your favorite K-drama hero/heroine ever stepped foot into a spa, this was probably the first thing they picked up. Just as the title suggests, sauna eggs were popularized in Korean bathhouses. As opposed to white hard-boiled eggs, they’re made from brown eggs and boiled in a rice cooker instead of a pot on the stove. The only seasoning you need is a bit of sea salt, and you have this well-known treat.

  • Ramen

From a filming standpoint, making ramen is probably the most simple route to go to as far as food is concerned, whether it’s a quick meal to be shared at home with a potential love interest or a quick meal to purchase at a convenience store—where you’re bound to run into a potential love interest. With a large variety of flavors, you’re sure to find one, two, or eight flavors that suit your taste!

  • Kimbap

Quick and on-the-go meals seem to be a popular trend in K-dramas set in the present day, and triangle kimbap or kimbap rolls are great inexpensive options. Similar to sushi in some ingredients, it’s not made exactly the same, and the biggest difference is what’s placed inside as filling. If you’re not into raw fish, then kimbap might be the better choice for you. With fillings like kimchi, tuna, and even ham and cheese, you can customize and adjust ingredients to your taste.

  • Jjajangmyeon

When it comes to K-dramas, this meal is one that pops up a lot as the go-to meal for delivery. In The Strongest Delivery Man, the restaurant the two main characters deliver for is, in fact, a jjajangmyeon restaurant. A quick and efficient meal for lunch or dinner, it's not as expensive as take-out can typically be and it's not a difficult dish to make in the comfort of your own home!

Hungry, yet?

You should try all of these foods, but which one of these treats are you most likely to try first? 

Cover Image: Reply 1988 (tvN)

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