K-Pop Songs for When You’re Missing Your Friends

K-Pop Songs for When You’re Missing Your Friends - The Daebak Company

Our friends are our second family, the ones we spend most of our time with. With graduation season coming soon for many of us, we know that we may leave abroad for a while or our friends are the ones leaving abroad. Don't be sad! Keeping in touch with them is a must, and one of the best ways to do so is sharing songs with each other. We’ve gathered 7 K-Pop songs to share with your friends when you’re missing them.

  • Home by SEVENTEEN

A lovely song, accompanied by an even lovelier video and melodies, “Home” is a song that without a doubt will make you both feel closer, no matter how many miles stand between you. The song gives you that warm feeling of being with that someone you miss, while reminding the other person that you’ll be their “Home” always.

Lyrics to share with them:

“I don’t wanna let you go like this

I don’t want to be scared with a broken heart

I’m the place you can come to

You’re the place I can go to”

  • Friends by BTS

Even though it’s original lyrics are a ‘Thank You’ letter from Taehyung to Jimin and vice versa, the message is still one we can share with our friends. The song is perfect for when you have to say goodbye, as it will remind you both that you’ve been friends for so long that no matter how far or how close, your friendship is stronger than everything else!

Lyrics to share with them:

“One day when this cheer dies down, stay hey

You are my soulmate

For eternity, keep staying here hey

You are my soulmate”

  • Universe by EXO

We’ve all had fights with our friends, but it’s even harder when you both struggle to say sorry. EXO has the perfect song for when that happens. With its soft piano melody and their sweet vocals, they will give your friends the words that you can’t say yourself, while reminding them that you love them and that you’ll search the universe for them.

Lyrics to share with them:

“I’ll search the universe

Until I can find you again

I won’t let go, even the smallest memories

Memories engraved in the seasons

They come and go several times

But I will still call out to you”

  • Time of Our Life by DAY6

This is the song you’ll both have to listen to before seeing each other again. DAY6 performs this up-beat and fun song that describes the wait for that day you two reunite and how things may not go so smoothly while planning. Regardless, the day will be perfect because it will be both of you hanging out.

Lyrics to share with them:

“Honestly, even to me

This moment right now

Feels like a dream because I’m with you

For this day

I prepared many things”

  • Feel Special by TWICE

Being alone can be hard, and feeling down can be harder. But thankfully we all have those amazing friends that cheer us up no matter what. "Feel Special" is the song you must share with your friend when they are feeling down, as it reminds them of how special they make you feel and how they are an important part of your life. Not only that, but the catchy, upbeat rhythm and the amazing lyrics will make you feel better in no time. And if that doesn't work, you can always resort to dancing to the song and send a video their way so they can have a laugh and send you their own moves in return!

Lyrics to share with them:

“You make everything alright

On a cloudy day without sunshine

You are indeed my shining light

That’s what you do

Even the darkest night turns to day

I owe it to you”

  • Downpour by I.O.I

This song is a very sentimental one. “Downpour” is the song you can share with your friend before they leave. Accompanied with a soft piano and the sweet, melodic voices of the members, this song will make your friends remember that even with all the tears you’ll both share, you’ll both have the best memories and will continue to do more throughout the years.

Lyrics to share with them:

“It’s just a passing downpour

It’s how I feel

After I met you, I haven’t lost

The happy memories to the rain”

  • A Poem Titled You by TAEYEON (Hotel del Luna OST)

And finally, a very heartwarming song. “A Poem Titled You” will make your friends remember how much you love them. With its simple melody and TAEYEON’s amazing vocals, this song is the perfect one for when you want them to know that they are still present in your heart at all times, and that you’ll be there for them when they need you.

Lyrics to share with them:

“Every time I think of a poem called 'you'

I want to memorize it so I can remember you

When the sad night comes, I'll protect you”

Friends are the ones we can count on with every time. That’s why it is important to remember that no matter the distance, you both are still going to have the same goofy, lovely friendship of all time. These are only some of the few songs you can share with them, but let us know in the comments below, which song makes you and your friends feel closer!

Cover Image: JYP Entertainment
Written by Helena Diaz

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