Korean Flavors of Popular Chip Brands

Korean Flavors of Popular Chip Brands - The Daebak Company

There are so many snacks, too little time. Whenever you find yourself munching on your favorite bag of chips, do you ever get curious what flavors you could find outside of the ones you already know? In Korea, there are so many snack brands and unique flavors that it will most likely make your head spin. To make it easier, let’s take a look at some interesting flavors that known and well-liked chip brands created for the potato chip lovers to enjoy!


The popularity of this brand is undeniable — a tower of neatly stacked potato crisps in a quite sturdy tube container, well seasoned, crunchy and easy to carry — it’s hard to pass on a few of these. Of course, you can find the original flavors almost anywhere, but the real excitement starts when you venture into South Korean convenience stores, looking to try out something new.

Butter Caramel

Say hello to sweet Pringles! Pretty in pink, the container hides chips that are both a dessert and a snack. The smell of caramel and the first bite will welcome you with delicious sweetened seasoning, then almost disappear the more you chew, leaving a pleasant caramel taste in your mouth.

Sweet Mayo Cheese 

The first bite gives out a sweeter mayo taste and you can taste a hint of cheese at the end. If you like your potato chips slightly sweet and salty, then Sweet Mayo Cheese Pringles are the ones to look out for.

Cheese Burger 

Not sure if you want to have lunch or just munch on a quick snack? The cheeseburger-flavored chips might do the trick! The crispy texture of thin potato chips remain the same, so it will be fun to crunch on some as you go on with your day.


A hint of yogurt, the creamy taste together with a crunchy texture of a thin potato chip makes for a really unique chip flavor. The smell of yogurt is quite strong; the chip — sweet, sour and slightly salty. 


Although it really smells like it, Pringles Cola is so much more when it comes to flavor. The chips not only taste like cola but the seasoning makes them fizzy, too! Some love it, some hate it, but it is truly a very unique flavor everyone should try at least once.

Honey Mustard 

If you’re a fan of this kind of flavor, then its unique aroma and the right amount of sweet honey and savory mustard will most likely join your snacks-to-try list.


Doritos chips are known to have a strong flavor and lots of seasoning to make you want to take more and more chips until the bag is empty and there is nothing left but chip crumbs. In Korea, the chips have a distinct range of flavor adhered to the consumers, taking some well-known Asian spices, dishes, or just common favorites and turning them into seasoning for the addictive chips. 


Mala is a popular Chinese sauce, consisting of Sichuan peppercorn, chili peppers, oil and other various spices. It is quite fiery, and since a lot of people in Korea are no strangers to spicy food, the reason for this spicy and savory flavor is quite self-explanatory. 

King Ribs/Oven Roasted Chicken 

This might be a little confusing — is it ribs or is it chicken? Some described it as an interesting hint of chicken soup, and some decided that it’s the closest to fairly salted bulgogi. What is the truth? Only one way to find out!


Tongue-numbing wasabi against some Ranch flavor to cool things down. It turns out Ranch wins this fight, as the wasabi is not as strong and destructive so you can finish the bag quite fast!

Garlic Pepper Steak/Cool Ranch 

The lighter tortilla chips taste like Cool Ranch, but the strong barbecue flavor of the garlic pepper steak overpowers it, so for the best snacking experience, eating these chips with some actual Cool Ranch would be recommended.

Honey Chili 

The sweet and spicy scent welcomes anyone who dares to open the bright yellow Doritos bag. All the tortilla chips are seasoned well and have a strong sweet and spicy flavor, it can be hard to stop your hand from moving back to the crunchy goodness.


People love corn, they eat it with melted cheese, on their pizzas, with a dessert, and of course, as chips in a pleasantly scented, crackling bag of puffy Cheetos. The iconic cartoon cheetah smiles on the package knowingly, as this puffed cornmeal snack has some tasty flavors to offer.

Corn Soup 

Just like the name suggests, the puffs actually taste like corn soup. It might not be as healthy as the real deal, but if you crave a quick savory corn fix, then these chips are perfect for you.

Smoky Barbecue 

Yellow Cheetos puffs surrounded by the enticing smell of barbecue and a small surprise — a round, swirly-on-the-edges collectable with a fun picture on both sides.


Bulgogi is a Korean dish of thin marinated slices of beef or pork that are later grilled or roasted. Now, imagine combining this flavor with a bag of crunchy Cheetos. Would you be able to resist?

Honey Cheese 

Yet another honey-related snack, this time combined with a quite popular cheese flavor, which you can find in many snacks in Korea.

Looking at this long list of flavors, can you imagine how many more are out there? How many chip flavors exist in other snack brands and how many have yet to be invented? It’s always super exciting to try out new things, and while some flavors might seem strange, you could end up liking them enough to put in your “favorites” list!

Have you ever tried any of these unique flavors? If not, which one you’d be the most excited to try? Share with us in the comments below!

Written by Ruta Balzekaite

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