Our Top Summer BT21 Picks

Our Top Summer BT21 Picks - The Daebak Company

Hey Daebak Fam! Get ready for BTS's upcoming comeback, PROOF, by decking down on your favorite BT21 gear. Not sure where to start? Don't worry. We've got you covered here at The Daebak Company Kpop shop! We've curated a list of 10 BT21 Kpop merch you'll want to put at the top of your shopping cart to get you ready for the summer!

Our Top Summer BT21 Picks

#1: BT21 Tamagotchi

To kick this BT21 characters list off, we are bringing back a classic toy from our childhoods with a BT21 spin, the BT21 Tamagotchi! This cute Kpop merch device allows you to grow with the BT21 character, Van. It also comes in 2 varieties for your style: Baby Style and Space Color. Grow with Van as you take your BT21 Tamagotchi on your adventures this summer!

#2: BT21 Cubic Painting - Comic

Find yourself #boredinthehouse this summer? The BT21 DIY Cubic Painting will help you cure that boredom instantly! If you haven't tried a cubic painting before, it is similar to doing a puzzle on a number-guided canvas, but you use cubic beads instead of wet paint. You'll have hours of fun bedazzling the cute BT21characters by yourself or the family. Plus, it's a nice decorative piece of art to display in your home!

#3: BT21 Baby Joy Slippers

If you are looking for some cute sandals, these BT21 Baby Joy Slippers will be the perfect fit for you. They are great shoes to slip on easily and accompany you on your summer travels, whether it's a trip to the beach, a picnic with your friends, or a pleasant stroll in the park. With multiple colors, sizes, and all of the BT21 characters to choose from, you're sure to find one that is right for you.

#4: BT21 Baby Kitchen Glove

Taking up cooking or baking as a hobby this summer? The best chefs like Jin and Suga are usually equipped with the best gear, so stay safe and fashionable with the BT21 Kitchen Glove! With these gloves, you can make delicious summer treats with your BT21 bestie and be protected from hot baking trays and soup pots. You can also get your matching BT21 Baby Apron that screams cuteness overload! You are cooking like a real chef indeed.

#5: BT21 Dalgona Making Set

Now that you have the BT21 glove and apron set, why not try making the famous South Korean street sweet, Dalgona? With the BT21 Dalgona Making Set, relive the recent trend of Dalgona making from Squid Game. Imprint your favorite BT21 characters onto the sugary treat and challenge your friends and family to the Dalgona Candy Challenge! Will you be able to break the perfect outline?

#6: BT21 Baby Nap Cushion

Since it's now summer vacation, enjoy your time off from school and rest with the BT21 Baby Nap Cushion! Snuggle with your favorite BT21 baby character on the go, whether it's hammock naps in the park, during your break time at work, or for long car, plane, and train rides. This one is a popular item, so snag your favorite character fast before it's sold out!

#7: BT21 Baby [My Little Buddy] Cafe Clock

Time to upgrade your old alarm clock for this super cute BT21 Baby Cafe Clock! We have no other words except that this is a must-have in your life. This clock makes you instantly happy just by looking at it. I mean, just look at it. Imagine waking up to your favorite BT21 character smiling at you in its miniature café and telling you the time. How cute is that?

#8: BT21 [Home All Day] Photo Album

If you are a BTS photocard collector, you'll know the importance of having a cute and sturdy binder to protect your collection. With the PROOF anthology coming out, this BT21 Photo Album is the perfect way to keep those photocards safe as it holds both of your regular and mini photocards with its 128 pockets! 

#9: BT21 Turntable Bluetooth Speaker 

With BTS's new anthology coming out soon, you'll also need a speaker to play BTS's greatest hits from the past to the present. With this BT21 Turntable Bluetooth Speaker, you can easily connect your phone to reach our ARMY streaming goals and jam out with your favorite BT21 character! Also, the turntable design is the perfect aesthetic for music lovers! How could you not fall in love with this adorable product at first glance?

#10: BT21 BABY My Little Buddy Car Air Freshener

Last but certainly not least, we have the BT21 Baby Car Air Freshener, perfect for those long summer road trips. With a tropical scent and easy attachment to your car air vent, you can get the feel of the beach wherever you go!

#11: BT21 [Summer Sky] Clear Card Pocket

Are you looking for a cardholder? One of BT21's latest items is the BT21 [Summer Sky] Clear Card Pocket! The cardholder comes with a BT21 summer design, and it also comes with a BT21 Minini key ring. The card pocket is clear and ideal for cards that you use frequently.

Going out to the beach or on vacation? Make sure you have every card you need to purchase your favorite drink, pay for a bus or train ride, or shop for gift items with the BT21 [Summer Sky] Clear Card Pocket!

#12: BT21 [minini] (Summer Edition) Standing Doll

Get ready to play on the sand or feel the summer vibes at home with our BT21 [minini] (Summer Edition) Standing Doll! See the BT21 minini characters wearing summer outfits. Give it to your kids, or get one for yourself to complete your BT21  collection today!

Which product was your favorite? Tell us in the comments! You can get all of these BT21 items and more kpop goods at The Daebak Company: daebak.co

Written by Jolie Tran

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