Popular Korean Food and Drink Combinations

Popular Korean Food and Drink Combinations - The Daebak Company

From traditional combos like jeon and makgeolli to recent ones like mint choco, many Korean food and drink combos exist. But where should you start? These are the most popular combos of Korean food and drinks!

Korean Food and Drink Combinations

mint choice milk, jjapaguri, chicken and beer korean food combinations


Chimaek is a combination of fried chicken and beer. The “chi” comes from the word chicken, while the “maek” comes from maekju, the Korean word for beer. Chimaek is a casual evening meal that is popular for delivery along the Han River.

The Korean food and drinks combination are so popular that the city of Daegu holds an annual festival in its honor. Over a million people come together each summer to participate in this event. It is the most popular festival in Daegu.

Mint Choco

a picture of mint choco milk

The popularity of mint choco has exploded in recent years in Korean culture. While you may know it as mint chocolate chip, a popular ice cream flavor, Korea has made almost any food you can think of in mint choco flavor. At the height of the mint chocolate fad, people could buy mint choco chicken, pasta, and even tteokbokki.

Although the craze has ended, mint choco is still a popular flavor for many Korean snacks. Of course, it is still seen in ice cream. However, it is also seen in convenience stores in milk, cookies, and more.


If you’re a fan of Korean movies, you’ve probably heard of this food combo. Although the movie Parasite refers to it as ramdon, it is more commonly known as Jjapaguri. It is a combination of two popular Korean ramen brands, jjapaghetti, and neoguri.

The black bean flavor of the jjapagehtti and the spicy flavor of the neoguri make for a perfect pairing. So, this Korean food combination can be enjoyed as a simple mixture of two different types of ramen. However, you can spice it up and add cooked steak or another meat of your choosing.

Jeon and Makgeolli

jeon in foreground with a bowl of makgeolli in background

Jeon, also known as Korean pancakes, and Makgeolli, Korean rice wine, are a relaxing south korean food and drink that is great for rainy days. The most popular kind of jeon is pajeon. Its main ingredient is green onions, which are then battered in egg and flour and pan-fried. However, jeon comes in a variety of ingredient options like potato, kimchi, and seafood. 

Makgeolli is a milky drink that is often served cold. Because it is made with rice, rice sediment will sink to the bottom if left unmixed. However, there are two different ways to drink it. Some people like to enjoy, pure, mixed makgeolli. Others prefer to leave it unmixed and drink the clear top layer without the rice sediment.

Sikhye and Hardboiled Eggs

A picture of eggs and a picture of sikhye being poured into a glass

Hardboiled eggs and sikhye are another traditional Korean food drinks drinks. The combo is usually enjoyed at Korean saunas, so the eggs are often called jjimjilbang eggs.

Sikhye is a sweet rice drink that is refreshing and perfect for quenching your thirst after a sauna session. It is also one of the most popular Korean drinks. So, even if you can’t make it to the jjimjilbang, you can still find sikhye easily in stores across Korea.

Spicy Noodle Rice

A picture of spicy ramen, triangle kimbap, and string cheese

If you’re familiar with Korean snack food, you’ve probably heard of Korean spicy “fire noodles.” This combination combines that with triangle kimbap and string cheese. The kimbap will make the spice more tolerable and make the overall meal more filling. It’s a perfect convenience store meal!

These food combinations are both iconic and delicious must-haves for any trip to Korea. So, be sure to add it to your itinerary. Can’t make it to Korea quite yet and want a taste of Korea at home? Subscribe to Snack Fever’s Korean snack box subscription and get a delivery of delicious and popular Korean snacks every month!


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