Powerful Voices on 'Immortal Songs'

Powerful Voices on 'Immortal Songs' - The Daebak Company

Ever heard of a wonderful music program called Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend? Presented by KBS (Korean Broadcasting System), this show offers entertainment suited for the whole family to enjoy. Many talented artists perform songs that are truly immortal, merging generations with the sound of music and showcasing the most beautiful, most powerful voices for the audience to admire. Curious to see what they are? Here’s a peek of what the show is about!

So Hyang

As every artist on the show brings their own interpretation of how to present the essence of the song, So Hyang’s skills always seem to impress anyone who is listening. Her ability to reach high notes almost effortlessly is impressive, but it is even more inspiring to know that not only her talent but also her motivation to practice hard has brought her to where she is now. So Hyang has covered songs such as “You Raise Me Up,” “Lean On Me,” and a beautiful rendition of “Arirang Alone.”


From soft, sweet like honey melodies to powerful, breathtaking performances—Ailee does them all. Known and adored by many, a very talented woman in the industry makes a strong contestant in the battle between other well established Korean singers. Songs like “That Woman,” “I Will Always Love You,” “Georgia On My Mind,” “Everyone,” and others have blessed the ears of the audience.

Son Seungyeon

Son Seungyeon is a young singer, the winner of the first season of The Voice of Korea and a frequent guest of Immortal Songs. The way she can capture your heart and have your full attention with her emotionally-stunning performances is fascinating. She has covered songs like I Miss You,” “When Our Lives Are Almost Over,” “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “I Can’t Find You Nightingale,” and many others.

Lee Sejun

His mellow voice is perfect for ballads, and the skillful way he conveys the emotion of the songs shows this delightful charm. Lee Sejun is not afraid to experiment and add various instruments like oboe, accordion or harp to the live performance. Here are some songs he performed on the show: “Sad Sea,” “A Cup of Tea,” “Goodbye, Seoul.”


It is impossible to not mention these four amazing performers—Solar, Moonbyul, Wheein and Hwasa—a power group blessed with an alluring aura, receiving many compliments from artists in the industry as well as, of course, their loving fans. As a group of three vocalists and one rapper (Moonbyul), the girls include all their skills, not only singing the song, but sometimes adding choreography to the performance, showing the steadiness of their unique voices and charming charisma at the same time. Songs covered by MAMAMOO: “Passion Flower,” “Love,” “The Dance In Rhythm,” “Love Story Of A Girl,” “You, In My Fading Memory.”

Did you know all of the artists that were mentioned? Maybe you remember some more wonderful vocalists from Immortal Songs? If so, don’t hesitate to comment down below and share with us!

Cover Image: MAMAMOO (RBW) on Immortal Songs
Written by Ruta Balzekaite

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