Spend a Day with a K-Pop Star: 24 Hours with IU

Spend a Day with a K-Pop Star: 24 Hours with IU - The Daebak Company

Undoubtedly, having to go through a routine may give many of us a sense of security although some days can feel monotonous and never-ending. The need for a stimulator to make this process easier and fun is not only well received but appreciated. While there are several wonderful things about Korean culture, one of the most popular escapes for many happen to be the magical world of K-pop.

Many of us are guilty of binge-watching K-pop videos every chance we get which is exactly why we at SnackFever are going to cater to just that! Here's a playlist customized for all you IU fans out there that will get you through your boring days and fill them with all the energy you will need!

Lee Ji-eun, popularly known as IU, is Korea’s little sister. This talented artist started her career early on at the age of fifteen with the album Lost and Found. Not only did she manage to capture the hearts of the public but landed herself with a faithful bunch of fans, Uaenas. Summarizing her songs with only a few adjectives would be both unfair and impossible. Instead, we are going to say that her songs are little packages of soulful melody and heartfelt lyrics that leave you hungry for more. Those of you who have not ventured out to the bubbly world of IU, hold your breath, because boy, you might just fall in love with her!

  • Start Your Mornings with: Palette

Many of us struggle to wake up in the morning. The bed seems oh so warm and cozy! Alarm clocks may get you stumbling out of bed but it rarely gets you ready for the day. However, this particular song might just do the trick. "Palette" is the lead single of IU’s fourth studio album of the same name. As the song suggests, this song is bubbly and the right kind of upbeat our mundane morning needs!

IU collaborated with G-Dragon for this song, exceeding all expectations. As you, get ready for your day with this song, take a few deep breaths because we are going to get you through the day!

  • Work, Work, Work with: [Eojetbam Iyagi] Last Night Story

Need a little pick me up, 80's style? Fret not, because IU will give you more! As a part of the album A Flower Bookmark 2, she covered the famous song “Last Night Story” by Sobangcha, one of the pioneers of the K-pop industry.

The disco cum Indie beats of the song will fill you with all the energy you will possible need in finishing your tasks for the day! "Last Night Story" is a modern take on one of the classics of the century which proved IU’s capabilities and it might do the same for you!

  • You are Going Home! ft. Friday

You made it! For a successful day, we need a celebratory song and ‘Friday’ will treat your spirits. Capturing the feelings of excitement perfectly, IU harmonized with Jang Yi-Jeong, member of the group History.

As you listen to this song and get ready to relax, remember to pat your back for all the hardwork!

  • Pajamas and a Night Letter: Through the Night

Clean face, warm cup of tea and some relaxing music is one of the perfect ways to rest your tired self off to bed. We got the releaxing music part covered or you with the next IU song. Through the night is part of the fourth album, ‘Palette’.

“Through the Night” delivers to all music lovers. With its strong instrumentals and vocals, the rawness of the song plays to its strengths. This song will whisper you off to a peaceful sleep!

  • 3:00 a.m. Parties and BBIBBI

Guilty of being a night owl? There, there, we got you! For all your late night adventures, "BBIBBI" will accompany you. Packed with a cute choreography and strong message against haters, "BBIBBI" topped all charts!

This quirky single will let you break into your crazy dance moves and prepare you for the next day!

Here we are, at the end of your long day. It is important to take breaks and treat yourself from time to time. With this short playlist, we are hoping you are able to do just that!

Which is your favorite IU song? Let us know in the comments!

Cover Image: IU (Kakao M) 
Written by Sayantani Banerjee

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