The World of Kakao Friends: Meet the Characters!

The World of Kakao Friends: Meet the Characters! - The Daebak Company

New platforms have come and gone for the world to connect. Whether through social media or a new messaging app, people have gained access to connect with their friends and people with the same interest with a simple click of a button. In 2010 the internet company Kakao launched a new messaging app named KakaoTalk, an app that would connect individuals from all corners of the world.

The popular app, KakaoTalk features free talk, text, and video messaging for those who can download the app. The application is available for iOS, macOS, Android, Bada, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Windows NT, and Nokia Asha. This messaging app has become very popular not only among Koreans but also worldwide; it has allowed people to find friends with common interest no matter how far you are from one another. Another exciting feature that has made them popular, especially among the youth, are the characters that come along with the application; a few of you may know them as Ryan, Apeach, Tube, Neo, Frodo, Jay G, Muzi and Con. These characters are not only mascots for the messaging app KakaoTalk, but they are also characters in which any ordinary individual can oftentimes relate to. Each cute and lovable character has their own unique personality and were even welcomed guest at this years KCon.

Front (left to right): Muzi, Con, Apeach, Neo
Back (left to right): Ryan, Tube, Frodo, Jay G

Ryan, who happens to be the leader of the Kakao Friends, is a maneless lion and the member who never really seems to smile; although his emotions can be interpreted through the position of his classic straight eyebrows, the rest is left to the imaginations of everyone else. He is among the most popular of the Kakao Friends who was just as cute when he was a young cub.

Apeach is a genetically modified peach who loves an adventure and finds comfort in causing mischief. The cute little peach is infamous for looking like something entirely different when showing off his backside but that won’t stop Apeach from having the time of its life.

Muzi is a Korean yellow radish in the disguise of a rabbit; this Kakao Friend is seen with the most mysterious of the Kakao Friends, Con. Con is an alligator-like friend who is believed to be the creator of his companion, Muzi; these seem to be enough of an explanation as to why these two odd friends are always together.

The next of the friends is Neo, the sassiest and most stylish of the friends family. Her hobbies include shopping and accessorizing herself with pearls, her glasses and her signature bobbed wig. Her main priority, however, after shopping is her preppy boyfriend, Frodo.

Frodo is the serious looking dog friend who happens to come from a wealthy family. His seriousness can be easily diminished as he is always seen with his feline girlfriend, Neo.

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The only one of the Kakao Friends who seems to have a job is no other than Jay G, our mole friend. He is a secret agent who like many of us has our own idols and inspiration. You may have figured out that Jay G’s biggest inspiration is the famous hip-hop artist, Jay Z. But, don’t let his serious appearance fool you. The cool secret agent is actually a sensitive mole that simply asks for some love.

Our next friend is Tube, a cowardly duck with prosthetic feet. Like many of us, this duck has his insecurities which is why he wears prosthetic feet in order to hide is very small ones. He is the only one of the Kakao Friends who has an alter ego; when this friend is upset he has the ability to turn into a hulk-like duck who breathes fire. I’m sure many of us have felt this way at some point or another when we have our bad days.

And now, it is my pleasure to announce the newest additions) to the Kakao Friends family! Twin penguins, Kero and Berony. These mischievous little ones are always causing trouble while they look for their mother. However, these little cute penguins are no ordinary penguins as they hate the cold. This probably explains why they can’t find their mother, they can only last 30 minutes outside of their homes before they hurry back to be near a fire!

The wonderful world of Kakao is available to almost every individual in the world in any form and shape. Whether it’s through the app or through beauty. These cute friends have partnered up with various companies including The Face Shop where you can buy their Kakao Friends makeup line; the Kakao Friends makeup line is to die for. Lotions to mirrors are available both in store and online. Their online store is also the website to search if you want the cutest products that come straight from Korea. Cute merchandise and products can be found there; Kakao now offers global delivery in 52 countries so there is no need to worry about getting your products straight from Korea. From clocks to pajamas; tooth brushes to plushies; gummies to stickers; you can find everything you need and everything you want on the Kakao website. The online store of Kakao is a place where your inner child can roam free; a place where you can buy almost anything in the form of your favorite Kakao Friend. So pick a favorite or pick them all. Grab a buddy and explore the world of Kakao.


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