Top Five Web Dramas to Watch on Youtube

Top Five Web Dramas to Watch on Youtube - The Daebak Company

Web dramas have been popular for a while now. There is a lot of web dramas production on Youtube that produces high-quality Korean dramas for viewers entertainment. When you are commuting to work or just bored at home, make sure to check out these top 5 web dramas on Youtube!

1. Pop Out Boy!

Based on the webtoon, Playlist Studio is back with a new web drama, "Pop Out Boy!". The show is a fantasy romance about Han Seonnyeo (played by Kim Doyeon) having the same face and name as the heroine in the manga, but her personality is the complete opposite. Everything changes when Chun Namwook (played by Kim MinKyu) pops out of the manga. The show revolves around Han Seonnyeo trying to make Chun Namwook go back to his original world.

2. The World of My 17

"The World of My 17," also known as "Girl's World" or "Odd Girl Out," is a web drama based on a popular webtoon. The show tells the story of Oh Nari (played by OH MY GIRL Arin), a high schooler, trying to fit in with her friend group. It is a lovely web drama that revolves around the value of friendship and growth.

3. Dating Class

The drama tells a story about six university students who are new to dating and the lessons they learn while taking a class called "An Introduction to Dating." The drama takes an exciting approach to see how each student go through the different experience of dating while balancing their life outside of school.

4. Ok to be sensitive?

"Ok to be sensitive?" highlights the pressure of first-year college students and the struggles they have to face on and off-campus. The show also brings awareness to gender issues in which are often ignored. This web series does an excellent job of talking about topics such as feminism, gender, etc. without being too stereotypical.

5. Society Obsessed with Love

If you like a slice of life concept, then "Society Obsessed with Love" is just the web series for you. The show follows Sa Rang (played by Kim So Hye), who loves to cook, photography, and taking care of her cat, Oi. The idea of dating never sparked her interest, but soon after, she starts to feel left behind once her friends begin to date.

Web dramas are for everyone. Sometimes it is hard to catch up on the lastest K-drama. If you are on the go or want to watch something new, web dramas are perfect for keeping you entertained.

Let us know which web series is your favorite down in the comments below!

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