Top Four Unique Cafes For The K-Drama Lover

Top Four Unique Cafes For The K-Drama Lover - The Daebak Company

K-Dramas have a way of making the ordinary nothing shy of astonishing. It’s hard to believe that cafes could have the ability to do the exact same thing. From transporting you into a comic book, or even another time period, here are some cafes that could remind you of some favorite K-dramas.

  1. If you liked That Man Oh Soo you’d enjoy The AN’ Garden Cafe in Vietnam
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「AN' Garden Cafe」 わざわざ感のある立地だけに、なかなか行けなかったAN' Garden Cafe。 広い店内は緑も多くてゆったり癒されます。今ちょうど窓の外に黄色い#ゴールデンシャワー (#muonghoangyen )の花が見えてきれい。 * あまりついでは無さそうな、ずいぶん郊外なので、普段のコースから外れてみたいなって時には良いかも。 * * * #vietnam #hanoi #hanoian #hanoilife #hanoicafe #angardencafe #ベトナム #ハノイ #ハノイ生活 #ハノイカフェ #カフェ巡り #カフェ好き #ライチ グリーンティーなどいろんなお茶やフードメニューもありました😊

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Just recently opened in 2017, the AN’ Garden Cafe is unique in the plant focused atmosphere it gives to its customers. There isn’t a place within the cafe that you can go where flourishing green friends wouldn't greet you. An array of green meets you when you walk in, trails up the stairs, hang from the walls and ceilings; they’re everywhere you look. It’s almost like stepping into a modernized forest, equipped with wooden tables and coffee. This spot is perfect for fans of the recently aired drama That Man Oh-Soo. In the series, the male lead is the owner of a cafe known as the Tree Cafe in which the AN’ Garden Cafe seems like the perfect homage. They serve a large variety of delicious Vietnamese dishes, as well as tea, smoothies or frappuccinos, and (of course) coffee!

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2. If you liked W -- Two Worlds you’d enjoy CAFE 연남동239-20 in South Korea

Just like Kang Chul was able to step out of his webtoon lifestyle, CAFE 연남동239-20 allows you the opportunity to step into your own! With an interior designed to look like the sketches of a comic in progress, this cafe takes you from the real world and transports you into one a lot more cartoon. It’s speculated that this cafe was heavily inspired by the drama W -- Two Worlds drama, and even has drinks named after the show such as W Salty Latte. Floors, walls, furniture, and even some dishes, are painted black and white to give off a 2D allusion; making their customers feel as if they had taken a step into the pages of the webtoons or comics they read. They’re primarily focused on serving a variety of drinks ranging from teas, and coffees, but also sell sweet treats for customers to enjoy.

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3. If you liked Moonlight Drawn by Clouds you’d enjoy Hanbok Cafe at Dongdaemun (한복카페) in South Korea

It’s no secret that one of South Korea’s most popular tourist activity is trying on Hanbok. But the Hanbok Cafe at Dongdaemun takes this tourist tradition and adds a bonus package. This cafe offers interior similar to those that would have existed in the Joseon Dynasty (조선). After getting fitted, and dressed into your hanbok you can take a stroll through corridors reminiscent of those in the historical drama starring Park Bo-Gum. The company also provides you with a photoshoot decked out in your traditional clothing! It’s the perfect tourist stop.

4. If you liked About Time you’d enjoy Coffeenim Cafe in Singapore

Aesthetics wise, the correlation between the Coffeenim Cafe, and About Time isn’t as easy to see. But the concept of the cafe is strangely similar to the plot of About Time. Just like the k-drama Coffeenim is centered around the idea of time, and it uses it to offer service to its customers in a unique way. Unlike the other cafes that charge based on what its customers consume, this cafe charges you on time; everything else is free! However, it doesn’t sell food or drink, but it does provide board, console, and computer games. It’s ten dollars for the first hour and a dollar for every hour. Alternatively, you can pay just thirty dollars and make your stay as long as you want!

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Just like the K-dramas we watchers have come to love, these cafes make it possible to transport our experience into something otherworldly. If you have a bit of wanderlust and are obsessed with Korean dramas maybe you’ll find yourself in one of these countries; and if you do, perhaps you’ll give one of these cafes a visit.

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