Unlock the Mystery Behind Stray Kids with Clé: Levanter

Unlock the Mystery Behind Stray Kids with Clé: Levanter - The Daebak Company

Can you believe that Clé: Levanter is Stray Kids’ THIRD comeback for 2019? Between releasing Clé 1: Miroh and Clé 2: Yellow Wood, then taking the world by storm at 2019 KCON LA and 2019 KCON Thailand, it is a wonder how they managed to fit in one last album for the year!

Like with all other Stray Kids’ albums, 3RACHA (a subunit consisting of Changbin, Han, and Bangchan) participated in the majority of the lyrics and song composition for Clé: Levanter. The members’ participation in music production is what makes their music so uniquely special. Every aspect of their music perfectly reflects each other, from background instrumentals to lyrics and album titles. 

Stray Kids released not one but two pre-release tracks: “Double Knot” and “Astronaut.” While “Double Knot” showcases a darker color through an electronic trap hip-hop sound, “Astronaut” gives off a more vibrant color with an electronic pop sound. The music video for “Double Knot” is bursting with charisma as they display an energetic and powerful dance.

Did you notice the spoiler for “Astronaut” at the beginning of the music video? If you blinked, you missed it since it was literally a one-second spoiler. Instead of performing intense choreography like in “Double Knot,” “Astronaut” showcases their youthful charm as they play and run free together. The music video, background instrumentals, and lyrical composition seem to reflect each other. As the lyrics celebrate spontaneity, the catchy, light beat just makes you just want to get up and jump around. Everything about “Astronaut” just screams perfection.

Did “STOP” sound familiar to you? It should because it is a continuation of “Road Not Taken” from Clé 2: Yellow Wood. Be sure to listen to “Road Not Taken” and “STOP” back to back. You won’t regret it. Through the title track, “Levanter,” Stray Kids tells fans that sometimes people grow apart from each other, reassuring them that that’s okay. Not allowing yourself to become lost in someone else seems cliche but it’s an important reminder to be true to yourself. 

Stray Kids give a shot of energy with “Booster.” It’s the kind of song that you want to listen to when you lack motivation while “Sunshine” brings strength and comfort when the world becomes too much to handle. “You Can STAY” is a heartwarming song that seems to be like a letter to their fans, letting them know how they bring light, comfort, and clarity to their lives. The teaser for “You Can STAY” features their valuable memories from the District 9: Unlock concert in Seoul. Wrapping up their last album for 2019 is their signature mixtape track, only available on the CD. Now, some may be wondering if “Mixtape #5” would make buying a physical album worth it and the answer is “Always!” There’s just something that gives their mixtape tracks a color that’s different from the rest of their albums.

The District 9: Unlock Tour begins late January and ends in mid-February. From New York to Los Angeles, Stray Kids will be kicking off 2020 with a Bang… Chan. HA.

Which song do you hope to see Stray Kids perform live during their concert tour?

Cover Image: Stray Kids (JYP Entertainment)
Written by Sarah Wong

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