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Korean Englishman (영국남자 Korean Englishman) is a name you have probably heard of before, especially if you know about the Fire Noodle Challenge. The viral trend actually started when the YouTuber challenged his friends to eat the “Fire Chicken Noodles” sent to him by fans. While we’ve mentioned this famous YouTube channel in reference to the challenge, let's shed some more light on the YouTuber and his brilliant content!

Josh Carrott and Ollie Kendal

Harboring over 1 billion views, the Korean Englishman channel was created by Josh Carrott and Ollie Kendal in 2013. They make videos in Korean and English in hopes to “link the two cultures and have fun along the way.” Many of their videos started from simply introducing Korean culture and food to their British friends who were not as familiar with it. The channel has grown to over 3 million loyal subscribers who come back weekly to see their amazing content. It is known that the two hosts are great at lightening up the mood and extracting humorous reactions from their guests.


The pair has also had the opportunity to make many successful videos with different celebrity figures. One of their most popular videos is “AVENGERS Actors React to Korean Food,” which single-handedly has 16 million views! In addition to the Avengers cast, Carrot and Kendal have also met David Beckham, Will Smith, Henry Lau, Eric Nam, NCT, and the list goes on! You can check out their videos with your faves on their channel!


Korean Englishman has a variety of videos to keep you entertained. A more recent video series you should check out documents Kendal’s attempt to navigate Korea by himself. The series, called “Ollie ALONE in Korea,” is full of funny videos that show the struggles of language barriers. Kendal’s Korean is not the best, but through humor the viewers recognize the ability to bridge the two cultures. Other videos, such as food or trying new things, never disappoint in entertaining their large fan base.

Overall, they are a successful duo that have used their channel as a platform to tie in the two cultures in a relatable and entertaining way.

삼양 올리브 짜짜로니, 140g, 5개

Cover Image: Korean Englishman
Written by Catherine Tai

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