Your K-pop Stars’ Favorite Skincare Products

Your K-pop Stars’ Favorite Skincare Products - The Daebak Company

Tiffany Young (Girl's Generation) 

Tiffany from Girl's Generation K-pop skincare products from Etude House the Glow on Oil Volume Base

Taking it back to the first generation of K-pop stars, we have skincare products and Tiffany Young of Girl’s Generation. Her favorite K-beauty product is face masks, specifically from Hanacure which comes with a brush to apply the product. She likes this product because it helps tighten her skin or at least give that feeling. Per the words of Tiffany Young, the base of your face is very important. The product she uses called the Glow on Oil Volume Base is from the well-known K-beauty brand Etude House. Some words of advice from Tiffany is that when you're putting product on your face, don’t aggressively pull the products down your face but rather soak it in in an upward manner. 

Jackson Wang (GOT7)

GOT7 Jackson Wang modeling for Dr. Jart Cicapair Tiger Grass

Next we have Jackson Wang from Got7 who has a more simple routine. Jackson has a more holistic approach when it comes to achieving good, glowy, healthy skin which not only encompasses the skincare products themselves but also what you eat or drink and your habits as well.  Along with the basic toner, essence, and moisturizer, At night Jackson places an emphasis on using a sleeping pack. One that he uses in particular is the Dr. Jart + Cicapair Tiger Grass Sleepair Intensive Mask which boasts of soothing properties which leaves your skin hydrated and radiant. Not only are Dr. Jart + products K-pop star approved but they are also viral on TikTok. 

Eric Nam

K-pop Skincare Eric Nam Coconut Oil Cleansing Pads


Last but not least we have SOMI. As a K-pop idol, makeup is an essential part of her day which also means she also needs a good cleanser to get all that fancy daytime look off. She first uses the Etude House Lip and Eye Remover and then goes in with an oil cleanser to clean the rest of her face. SOMI is a fan of essences which have a wide variety of uses, including but not limited to vitamins, anti-aging, etc. One of her favorite products is the Jungsaemmool Essential Mool (mool meaning water in Korean) Cream which helps with whitening and wrinkle care. A tip from SOMI: don’t forget to moisturize your neck because you don’t want your neck to age either! Another recommendation that she has is to explore Korean face masks which are also called face packs. Not only do they have multiple benefits but they also come in all types of fun colors and characters. One in particular that she uses a lot is the Be Balance Idebenone Microfiber Mask. 

K-pop star Jeon Somi Etude House Lip and Eye Remver

These are just some of the many K-beauty products out there. Are there any that you’d like to try out? Check out Daebak’s K-beauty page to check out similar products and more! 

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