Jeon Somi’s Game Plan Will Take You Fast Forward

Jeon Somi

Two years after her first album XOXO, which contained the viral single Dumb Dumb, Jeon Somi is finally back with a new EP: Game Plan. The EP was released on the 7th of August and contains five tracks, including the title track Fast Forward, which has already gained much attention with its catchy rhythm and intoxicating choreography.

Let's take a better look at each track, but first, a brief introduction to Somi's career and life. If you want to know more about Jeon Somi's career, keep reading this article, and if you want to be updated about your favorite K-pop idols or K-dramas, check out the other articles on! If you cannot travel to Korea this year but want to have a piece of Korea with you, check out the Daebak Shop!

A Bit More About Jeon Somi

Jeon Somi holds three different citizenships: Canadian, Korean, and Dutch, since she is the daughter of a mixed couple. She was even playfully nicknamed "Power Passport Girl" since she could use any of her three passports depending on what country she will go to.

Somi is well known for participating in reality survival shows, including Sixteen and Produce 101. Sixteen's final lineup debuted as the well-known group TWICE, and unfortunately, Somi was eliminated in the final round. Fortunately, on her second try on Produce 101, she ranked first and became a part of the final lineup of the group IOI. The group activities lasted around one year between 2016 and 2017.

She was supposed to debut under JYP and be part of ITZY, but she decided to sign with The Black Label, and her spot was allegedly given to Yuna. She debuted under The Black Label in 2019 with the single Birthday and has since steadily secured a place for herself in the K-pop industry, becoming one of the most-known solo artists on the scene.

#금금금 (Gold Gold Gold)

The first track on the album is a simple rap track in which Jeon Somi shows off not only her rapping skills but also her wealth:

In my pocket, small change is dancing

Mouth full of gold, my smile is dazzling

THE BLACK is what I rep, the check is what I get

My exes are in the rearview mirror of 964

Zoom, zoom, start the engine

Cross the line, cut it like a knife

This wealth fortune is endless, making endless

I want it all, I'm out of line

A great rap track that flows easily on your tongue!

#Fast Forward

In the title track, Jeon Somi talks to her future lover, lamenting how much effort and how many struggles she had to go through just to meet them:

How many lovers do I go through to find you?

How many heartbreaks I take just to get to you?

How many lovers do I go through to find you?

How many? (One), How many? (Two), How many?

What makes this track special is not only the electro rhythm or Jeon Somi's unique voice. Its best feature is, for sure, the choreography, which mixes voguing and waacking among various dance genres.

Trust me this song will get stuck in your head!

#개별로 (Fxxked Up)

The third track's lyrics are very different from those of the title track, here Somi, in fact, is cursing her ex-lover who betrayed her:

Don't you dare to dream of me anymore

'Cause you really fucked up

Don't be mistaken for me as a loner

'Cause I'm with your friend

What have you been up to now?

Steal a look into my account?

I've never seen you, even if you lie

It's obvious to her

#자두 (Pisces)

For the fourth track, Jeon Somi once again switches to a sweet love song whose bit is perfect to listen to during these last few weeks of summer.

Here are some of the lyrics:

I'm patiently glaring at you

Give me a bursting hug, baby, right now

Take me to the sky where you live

Don't leave at my side even for a bit

I'm your ocean, baby, you're my sky

The fish in my heart flies towards you

Don't narrow the distance

Let's meet near our haze

#The Way

This track closes the album perfectly with its melancholic vibe and sad heartbreak lyrics:

If I had known that sunrise would've turned rain in the afternoon

I would've never showed up

If I had known the blue skies would have turned gray

Then the honeymoon would have never meant so much

Jeon Somi's voice also fits this vibe perfectly since she has a raspy soft voice. The Way is another perfect song for a too-short album!

Game Plan, with its five tracks, offers a great variety to those who listen to it, starting with a rap hip-hop vibe and finishing off with a melancholic pop ballad perfect for your Karaoke night at a Norebang! If you like the album, check it out on our website, and if you are a fan of Jeon Somi, let us know in the comments what is your favorite song among her releases so far.

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