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4th generation of K-pop
In the dynamic world of K-pop, the relationship between artists and fans has always been intriguing. Traditionally, fans have admired their idols from afar, with limited opportunities for direct communication or interaction. However, with the rise of the fourth generation of K-pop, we're witnessing a significant shift in this dynamic.
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Jeon Somi
Two years after her first album XOXO, which contained the viral single Dumb Dumb, Jeon Somi is finally back with a new EP: Game Plan. The EP was released on the 7th of August and contains five tracks, including the title track Fast Forward.
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Welcome to the enchanted realm of Korean celebrity sightings – the ultimate guide to rubbing shoulders with your favorite stars!  If you've ever dreamed of catching a glimpse of K-drama heartthrobs or K-pop idols, you've come to the right place....
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BT21 Characters
BT21 characters have captured the hearts of millions worldwide with their adorable designs and unique personalities. Created by the popular South Korean boy band BTS in collaboration with LINE Friends, these lovable characters represent the seven BTS members, each with...
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