A Guide to Le Sserafim Members

Courtesy of @lesserafim_official a photo of Sakura, Kazuha, Yunjin, Eunchae, and Chaewon.

안녕하세요, 르새라핌 입니다! Hello, We Are LE SSERAFIM!

Introducing the members of the global sensation rookie k-pop girl group LE SSERAFIM!

With members from all over the globe and various backgrounds, this group will continue to dominate the charts and help fans everywhere feel FEARLESS.

LE SSERAFIM is a K-pop girl group under Source Music, a subsidiary of HYBE Labels. They are label mates with BTS, SEVENTEEN, ENHYPEN, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, NEWJEANS, fromis_9, and more!

Let's start with LE SSERAFIM's unique name. It is an anagram of I'm Fearless. This is a message that they bring to their fans, FEARNOTS, everywhere. Strength, fearlessness, and the ability to overcome challenges are a theme communicated throughout LE SSERAFIM's discography.

Let’s meet the LE SSERAFIM members’ profiles, review this K-pop girl group’s two albums, and cheer them on as they prepare for their Japanese debut in January!

LE SSERAFIM Members' Profiles

Group name: LE SSERAFIM

Fandom name: FEARNOT

Group Official IG: le_sserafim.

Debut Date: May 2, 2022

The🎤Leader of the group:

Name: Kim Chaewon

Birthday: August 1, 2000

IG Handle: _chaechae_1

Kim Chaewon originally debuted in the girl group IZ*ONE. After the group disbanded in 2021, she would later debut again as a member of LE SSERAFIM. Along with being a leader, Chaewon is also a strong vocalist. An interesting fact about Kim Chaewon is that she is the daughter of actress Lee Ran Hee and attended the renowned Hanlim Multi Art School. Kim Chaewon previously competed on the music survival show Produce 48, which led her to debut with IZ*ONE.

The Unnie🌸of the group:

Name: Miyawaki Sakura

Stage Name: Sakura

Birthday: March 19, 1998

IG Handle: 39saku_chan

Sakura is the unnie, or oldest member, of this group. Having debuted in group HKT48 originally when she was just 13 years old, she is the oldest trainee and member of the group. She brings years of experience to the group, and the members look up to her for guidance, and she takes on the role of big sister well. 

Sakura is one of LE SSERAFIM’s members from Japan, having been born and raised in Kagoshima City. She previously competed on the music survival show Produce 48 and debuted with the group IZ*ONE alongside Kim Chaewon.

The Songwriter🎼of the group:

English Name: Jennifer Huh

Stage Name/Birth Name: Huh Yunjin

Birthday: October 8, 2001

IG Handle: jenaissante

Huh Yunjin is the singer-songwriter of the group. Helping to write and produce songs from the group’s second EP, Huh Yunjin has shown her songwriting talents. As another strong vocalist in the group, you will commonly hear Yunjin’s adlibs in the background of many of the group’s songs. 

Interesting facts about Huh Yunjin, though she was born in Seoul, South Korea, Yunjin grew up in New York as Jennifer Huh. She is Korean American and grew up speaking English. Yunjin is also trained in opera singing and attended Hanlim Multi Art School. She knew Kim Chaewon before joining the group as a trainee under Source Music, as they were both contestants and performed together during the music survival show, Produce 48.

The Ballerina 🩰of the group:

Name: Nakamura Kazuha

Stage Name: Kazuha

Birthday: August 9, 2003

IG Handle: k_a_z_u_h_a__

Kazuha is the dancer, rapper, and sub-vocalist of the group. Possibly the LE SSERAFIM member with the most unique background, Kazuha is a professionally trained ballerina, having trained in dance since she was 3 years old. Kazuha is of Japanese descent and was born in Osaka, Japan. She also lived abroad in the Netherlands, studying and training with the Dutch National Ballet.  

Kazuha is also fluent in English, the primary language she spoke while studying in the Netherlands. Kazuha has the shortest trainee time of all of LE SSERAFIM, having trained for only three months before LE SSERAFIM debuted with their first EP, FEARLESS.

The Maknae👶of the group:

Name: Hong Eunchae

Birthday: November 10, 2006

IG Handle: hhh.e_c.v

Hong Eunchae is the youngest of LE SSERAFIM. Having attended Def Music Academy and then being a trainee under Source Music for over a year, Eunchae is a talented dancer and singer. She is the group's lead dancer as well as a talented vocalist. Like Chaewon, Eunchae was born in South Korea.

Now that you know the members, here is a brief introduction to the group’s discography and other ventures!


LE SSERAFIM’s debut and first EP, FEARLESS, was released on May 2, 2022. Containing five tracks: The World Is My Oyster, Fearless, Blue Flame, The Great Mermaid, and Sour Grapes.

Along with releasing their first official MV, FEARLESS, LE SSERAFIM also performed their B-track song, Sour Grapes. You can check that out below!


LE SSERAFIM’s second EP, ANTIFRAGILE, was released just months after their debut, on October 17, 2022. This EP sported five tracks, with ANTIFRAGILE being their title track. Remember our songwriter, Huh Yunjin? The talented singer-songwriter helped write three of the five songs on the album! Yunjin helped write Impurities, No Celestial, and Good Parts.

Better yet, Sakura helped write and compose the fifth track, Good Parts.

And our ballerina, Kazuha, shows off her flexibility in a super viral move! Check it out below!

You can grab LE SSERAFIM’s first EP, FEARLESS, and official merch here!

Crimson Heart Webcomic ❤️

Crimson Heart is a webtoon where the five members of LE SSERAFIM are transported in a fantasy world where they have to break a curse and unlock their potential by gaining the power of the Crimson Heart. With five characters representing each member of the group.

This follows HYBE’s theme as members BTS, TXT, and ENHYPHEN all have their own webcomic series.


A continuous series on LE SSERAFIM ’s main YouTube account, LESSERAFIM_official, FIM-LOGs provide a background look into the girls’ lives, individually and their group activities. The vlogs provide a personal and unique look into each member’s personality.

Speaking of the group’s main YouTube channel the group recently posted their 2023 Season’s Greetings preview. You can preorder LE SSERAFIM's official Season’s Greetings merchandise here.

The World is My Oyster

HYBE LABELS released a LE SSERAFIM Documentary that followed the groups journey from training, to member selection, and official debut for LE SSERAFIM.

This documentary provides a deeper look into the sweat, tears, and loss into what it takes to make a global successful girl group.

Each member is provided an opportunity to be introduced with a detailed look into their back story and how they became a trainee under Source Music.

Catch their four part series below!

As a rookie kpop group LE SSERAFIM members have made a clear name for themselves and we can't wait to see what's next for this group.

And don't forget to tell yourself, 

"I'm Fearless."


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