BTS Jungkook, The Global Ambassador of Calvin Klein

BTS Jungkook Calvin Klein

BTS must have been on a hiatus, but they have succeeded in keeping the ARMY on their feet with their solo music and fashion ventures. They must have taken a break to focus on their individual projects and fulfill their duties, but that has kept fans energized, as the group has kept everyone busy from wherever they are. 

Bangtan Sonyeondan, aka BTS, never fails to surprise ARMY or send them into a frenzy, whether as a group or when they go solo. This does not just apply to their singing career but also to the ventures they are entering besides singing, which includes them becoming models and brand ambassadors of the world’s renowned brands.


Jimin became Dior's ambassador, J-Hope became Louis Vuitton's ambassador, V represented Celine, Suga joined the NBA, and Valentino or Namjoon became the face of Bottega Veneta. The members have been all over the internet and industries, and the expansion has continued as another BTS member bags a brand and becomes its face. We are talking about none other than the Golden Maknae Jeon Jungkook, who has been appointed as the global ambassador of Calvin Klein, and honestly, we can't keep calm at all!


Calvin Klein is known to partner with the most trending faces of the time, including Micahel B Jordan, and it has maintained its legacy by joining hands with BTS Jungkook. The collaboration and the news were first announced unofficially on 27th March when the brand posted a teaser video with close-up shots of the ambassador but not ultimately revealing him.

But ARMY was quick enough to recognize the maknae and awaited the final announcement. The buzz was finally confirmed when the luxury brand released the campaign with Jungkook on 28th March, leaving the fans all gaga over all the posts and pictures, and it was all worth the hype.

Even though Jungkook is not the first K-Pop artist to become the face of Calvin Klein, the buzz is more than before. The brand has revealed that Jungkook has chosen to be the ambassador of CK Jeans and Underwear. In the recent campaign and photoshoot, Jungkook can be seen sporting the iconic tees of the brand along with the 90s straight denim and body jeans, relaxed fit denim shirt, and oversized denim jacket. 


Jungkook photoshoot for the brand was lensed by photographer Park Jong Ha, and both the singer and the photographer have gone all out when it comes to the pictures, not leaving any ounce of handsomeness and charm to put forth in the frame. In the series of photos that are no less sultry, Jungkook can be seen flaunting his tattoos, long hair, his toned body, and looks, and to top it off, the black and white theme takes the whole vibe to the next level with the colored ones which are excellent too.


This partnership has not just been unique for the brand or the artist’s fans. Still, Jungkook seemed excited and glad to partner with the brand as he shared in the press release that “ I have been a fan of Calvin Klein for a long time, and I’m thrilled to be their newest global ambassador. This partnership is exceptional, as Calvin Klein’s heritage and brand values resonate with me”.

He added, “ My music is how I communicate with my fans around the world, and I see this partnership as an opportunity to connect with them in a new way. I’m incredibly excited for people to see a new side of me in this first campaign of the brand”. And with all honesty, I guess that all of us can agree to the fact that we are more than excited, and he has connected with all of us in a new way, and his new side is something we all have been waiting for.

Calvin Klein has been successful with their strategy to trigger the shoppers' pulse with precisely what they want, which also included Jungkook-wearing Calvins, and guess what? It worked perfectly for them. Leaving the fans screaming with teasers and photos has worked to their advantage.

If you think this was between Calvin and Jungkook or Jungkook’s partnership and fans, let me give you some more deets. Jeon Jungkook was also seen attending the event arranged by Calvin Klein for their new collection with BlackPink Jennie. On May 10, he surprised all the fans with his unexpected appearance at the special pop-up store event. 

It would not be wrong to say that the moment he arrived at the event, he became the talk of the town as all the cameras were covering him, and the attendees also went gaga. And all the crazy reaction was understandable because it was a surprise; secondly, he rocked his half-ponytail with bangs and a relaxed black-on-black look effortlessly.


With several videos going viral, fans understood that he attended the event briefly but left a mark with his features, looks, and style. Even more, What attracted the attention was his polite manners toward all the people, which he and the whole group are known for. If you still need to check out the collection and the campaign #MyCalvins that Jungkook is promoting, do it before it goes out of stock.

On the work front, the BTS members are busy with their albums, shoots, music tours, and fashion tours or simply spending time on themselves. Jin is serving in the military, and J-Hope has recently followed him and joined the army after completing his albums and all work commitments.

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