BTS Member Jungkook and Charlie Puth Breaking the Internet On Their Newest Collaboration: “Left and Right”

BTS Member Jungkook and Charlie Puth Breaking the Internet On Their Newest Collaboration: “Left and Right” - The Daebak Company

You can hear them over here, you can hear them over here. Not long after BTS announced the start of the second chapter of their careers (solo projects!), Jungkook is already back with a new collab with Charlie Puth!

Jungkook and Charlie Puth on a moving round floor

Their newest song, “Left and Right,” was released this past Friday, June 24th, and is already topping the charts! From the #1 trending spot on Youtube to being voted the most popular new release of last week in a Billboard vote and becoming Spotify’s #1 Top Global Debut this past weekend, the world just can’t get enough of “Left and Right.” 

Within the first few moments of the music video’s release on Youtube, fans crashed Youtube’s server as so many people were trying to view the collab! Charlie Puth continually updated fans about the music video's release and its milestones through social media mediums such as Twitter. 

“Left and Right” reached 16 million views on Youtube and 6.79 million streams on Spotify by the end of the first 24 hours of its release, debuting Jungkook as the Hallyu soloist with the highest number of streams on one song in 24 hours!

Leading up to the release of “Left and Right”, a couple of TikTok videos featuring the pair were posted on Charlie Puth’s official TikTok, teasing the track and a scene from the mv.


Pre-save Left and Right (with Jungkook) !! Link in bio. (If we get 500,000 pre saves I’ll drop it on June 24.)

♬ original sound - Charlie Puth

“Left and Right” reminisces on past experiences with an ex-lover. The lyrics for each artist explain how both of them cope with the painful memories. Charlie Puth sings, “Maybe I should just focus on me instead,” trying to shift his thinking to his betterment. Meanwhile, Jungkook sings the line, “How much more do I gotta drink for the pain?” implying he chooses to drink to get over the painful feelings.

The song genuinely provides an auditory experience like no other. Using panning during the mixing of the song’s production, Charlie and Jungkook’s voices are transported from the left to the right of your sound system! Listen to “Left and Right” with both headphones in for the best experience!

Watch the Internet Breaking Music Video of BTS Member Jungkook and Charlie Puth Here!

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