Top 10 Fastest Kpop Music Show Wins

two kpop idol groups with most kpop music show wins

If you’re a kpop fan, you are all too familiar with the importance of kpop music shows and the voting apps used to vote for your favorite idols. From Music Bank to Inkigayo, we’ve compiled a top 10 list of the fastest first wins within their debut. The list below shows the true power in numbers in a strong fanbase as these first wins are unbelievably quick!

What Are Kpop Music Shows

Kpop music shows are an essential part of the kpop industry, where kpop artists can promote their performances to fans for the first few weeks of their comeback or debut. While each show has its own system for determining the winner, they mainly take these 5 factors into consideration: digital (downloads/streams), album sales, music video views, the broadcast score, and voting score.

There are currently 6 main kpop music shows that you should know about: The Show, Show Champion, M Countdown, Music Bank, Show! Music Core, and Inkigayo. They each air one day a week (except Monday), once a week. 

IVE Wonyoung ang Enhypen Sunghoon as MCS of Music Bank

The hosts of each show are typically popular kpop idols and Hallyu actors in the Korean entertainment industry. You may know IVE’s Wonyoung and ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon as the current MCs of Music Bank, or NCT’s Jungwoo, Stray Kids’ Lee Know, and Kim Minju (formerly from IZ*ONE) as the current MCs of Inkigayo.

Top 10 Fastest Kpop Music Show Wins

10.) EXO-CBX - 16 Days

members of EXO-CBX

The first kpop group on our list is the first official subunit composed of 3 EXO members: EXO-CBX! This Korean-Chinese group debuted in 2016 with the single, “Hey Mama!” winning them their first kpop music show win in 16 days.

9.) BLACKPINK/AB6IX - 13 Days

members of BLACKPINK and AB6iX

BLACKPINK and AB6IX took home their first win after debut in just 13 days! With BLACKPINK’s debut song, “Whistle” and AB6IX’s debut song “BREATHE” being such iconic songs even to this day, their fast kpop music show wins are definitely deserved!

8.) Hi Suhyun/iKON - 12 Days

Members of Hi Suhyun and iKON

YG groups are at the top of the charts! These two YG groups tied for 8th fastest kpop music show wins. Hi Suhyun is a YG duo consisting of Lee Hi (soloist) and Lee Suhyun (from AKMU), creating the ultimate vocal powerhouse group. iKON is also a powerhouse group with its strong concepts and trendy songs. They won their wins in 12 days with their debut songs, “I’m Different” and  “My Type” respectively.

7.) EXO-SC/Red Velvet-IRENE & SEULGI - 11 Days

members of EXO-SC and Red Velvet

These two special subunits won their first kpop music show win in only 11 days! EXO-SC got their win for their debut song “What a Life” in 2019, while Red Velvet’s Irene & Seulgi got their first kpop music show win for their iconic debut song, “Monster.”

6.) IZ*ONE/Kep1er - 10 Days

members or IZONE and Kep1er

Next on our list, we have all of our kpop survival show winners: IZ*ONE and Kep1er! Both groups gained mass popularity during their respective kpop survival show programs and each of their fandoms pulled through to get each group their first win in just 10 days! 

IZ*ONE got their first kpop music show win with their timeless debut song, “La Vie en Rose,” while Kep1er won with their debut song, “WA DA DA.”

5.) Girls Generation-TTS/Wanna One/ITZY - 9 Days

members of Girls Generation TTS, WannaOne, and ITZY

With a 3 way tie for 5th place, popular groups Girls’ Generation-TTS, Wanna One, and ITZY, all got their first kpop music show win in 9 days! 

Girls’ Generation’s first official subunit: Girls’ Generation-TTS was created in 2012 and won with their debut EP “Twinkle.” 

Wanna One was formed from the winners of the popular kpop survival, Produce 101, and won with their debut song, “Energetic.”

One of 2019’s hottest debuts and 4th gen powerhouses ITZY had immense success with their debut song, “DALLA DALLA,” giving them their first kpop music show win fast.

4.) TXT/Highlight/BTOB 4U/LE SSERAFIM - 8 Days

members of tomorrow x together, Highlight, BTOB 4U, and Le Sserafim

As for 4th place, we actually have a 4-way tie with Tomorrow X Together, Highlight, BTOB 4U, and LE SSERAFIM, all winners of their first kpop music show win in just 8 days' time. 

Highlight is the first group to establish their kpop win in 8 days with their debut single “Beast Is The B2ST.” They achieved this incredible feat when they were still under Cube Entertainment as Beast, before rebranding into their new company as Highlight

Tomorrow X Together achieved this in 2019 with their debut song, “Crown,” as they had gained much popularity from their pre-debut promotions.

BTOB 4U is the first subunit from BTOB and got their first kpop music show win in 8 days after debuting in 2020 with the song, “Show Your Love.” Melody definitely showed their love for this group, getting them one of the fastest kpop music show wins on this list!

LE SSERAFIM is the most recent winner out of these groups, but they are definitely fearless in the way they dominated the charts this year with their debut EP FEARLESS.

3.) CIX/IVE/VIVIZ/WSG Wannabe - 7 Days

members of CIX, IVE, VIVIZ, and WSG Wannabe

In 3rd place, we have another 4-way tie with CIX, IVE, VIVIZ, and WSG Wannabe.

CIX was a breakthrough rookie group in 2020 and dominated the charts with their debut, “Movie Star.”

IVE is one of the monster rookies of 2021 and the chart monsters of 2022 with their comebacks. Their debut single, “Eleven” gained extreme popularity right from its release, getting the group’s first kpop music show win in just 7 days!

VIVIZ, a subunit of GFRIEND, also got their first kpop music show win for their debut song, “BOP BOP” in 2022.

WSG Wannabe is the newest kpop music show winner on this list, just debuting recently in July of 2022 after being formed on a Korean reality show. They are a female powerhouse vocalist group and won their first kpop music show win in just 7 days with the ballad, “At That Moment.”

2.) Winner - 6 Days

members of Winner

Our second fastest kpop music show winner is none other than the group WINNER themselves (the name is so fitting!). They were able to achieve this in just 6 days with their debut song, “empty.”

1.) X1/SSAK3 - 5 Days

members of X1 and SSAK

Last but not the least, we have our fastest awarded kpop groups of all time in kpop history: X1 and SSAK3, achieving their first kpop music show win after debut in just 5 days!! 

X1 was formed from the kpop survival show, Produce 101, and got their first and only kpop music show win with their debut song, “FLASH” in 2019 before disbanding that same year. 

SSAK3 is comprised of 3 popular Korean artists: Rain, Lee Hyori, and Yoo Jae-suk. They are a seasonal promotion group and got their first kpop music show with their hit debut single, “Beach Again” in 2020.

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