KARA Move Again Album - The Promised Reunion

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Released on November 29, KARA Move Again album marks the girl group’s first new album in seven years and their 15th-anniversary special album.

Gyuri, Seungyeon and Hara left KARA in 2015 with the promise that the group isn’t disbanding, and will reunite someday. Move Again is that promise, and the album sounds exactly like a KARA album with familiar sounds as the girls reflect on their journey and personal growth. The reunion includes Nicole, Sungyeon, Gyuri, Jiyoung and Youngji. The only major member absent is Goo Hara, who sadly passed away in 2019.

Move Again is a reunion rather than a comeback and this four-track EP shares those feelings of joy, sadness and nostalgia the group feel as they celebrate their special bonds after a long time away from each other.

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KARA Move Again Album Review

KARA Move Again Album Tracklist:

  1. Happy Hour
  2. When I Move
  3. Shout It Out
  4. Oxygen

The KARA Move Again album begins with Happy Hour which features a steady-paced pop track as the girls harmonise over a calming tune. With meaningful lyrics which demonstrate the group’s emotional maturity and the familiar sounds, this track is the perfect re-introduction to KARA.

“A moment that felt like an instant, I won’t let go of the small memories, we’ll never say goodbye, see you next time, always in my heart”

- KARA in Happy Hour

The next track in KARA Move Again album is the title track: When I Move. This track felt uplifting with its use of a guitar and synth to give its dance/disco-pop theme. The song starts off gentle and slowly builds up to powerful beats, which mimics the feeling of losing yourself on the dancefloor.

Watch KARA When I Move music video below!

KARA held their first stage for Move Again at the 2022 MAMA Awards. You can watch it below!

Shout it out is the next track on KARA Move Again album, and has a bouncy dance-pop feel to it. As the second dose of pop in the Move Again EP, it contains enough synth to keep it from becoming too sweet.

The album then transitions onto the final track of the KARA Move Again album, Oxygen. This track features a single instrument, a guitar, played in a rhythm which evokes feelings of sadness. Oxygen acknowledges the group’s struggles and losses and focuses on memories that drive them forward.

A Japanese version of KARA Move Again album is also scheduled to be released on December 21st, 2022! I can’t wait to hear it!

KARA Move Again Spotify

About KARA Members

KARA is a k-pop girl group formed under DSP Media in 2007, originally debuting with four members: Gyuri, Seungyeon, Nicole and Sunghee. A year after the debut, Sunghee left KARA, and this is when Hara and Jiyoung joined the group.

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