5 Mama 2022 Unforgettable Stage Moments

MAMA Awards

The K-pop awards season has officially started, and Mnet Asian Music Awards, often known as MAMA, is one of the most famous award shows. It is one of the most notable awards shows to have originated from South Korea since it honors Korean greatness and Asian excellence. Musicians from countries around Asia, including Thailand, Japan, China, and more, participate in the celebration of music in MAMA 2022.

Do you want to recapture some of the most iconic moments during the award ceremony? Keep with us to have an emotional and funny time looking back on this magnificent event.

Top 5 Iconic Moments in MAMA 2022

The November 29–30 MAMA Awards 2022 came to a thrilling conclusion and provided the platform for the stars' much-needed connections. A fascinating roster of artist collaborations from Hyolyn and BIBI, Street Man Fighter teams and KANG DANIEL, IVE, KEP1ER, LE SSERAFIM, and NewJeans, was presented on the first day of the MAMA Awards. 

However, the MAMA Awards Day 2 roster was even more impressive with cooperation stages from more artists, including Stray Kids, ENHYPEN, TREASURE, and BTS member J-hope, who restored the event's much-needed excitement.

The program is back with renewed vigor to show off some of the biggest stages to its viewers after two years of virtual award ceremonies due to Covid-19. Let's look back at some of the most memorable moments from the MAMA Awards 2022 to celebrate the return of the award event!

#1 J-Hope's Solo Peformance

Since making his solo debut at the 2022 MAMA, he has yet to appear on a Korean stage. MORE, Arson, and FUTURE are tracks from his album Jack in the Box that he performed. Even the stage was set ablaze by the idol.

When he took the stage to accept the Yogibo Artist of the Year award, J-hope bowed to all the other performers, including his juniors. The TREASURE members joyfully bowed to J-hope while the other idols rose and praised him. This response perfectly captured a tender moment for all TREASURE MAKERs and ARMYs.

@jeonkerr JUNG MF’ING HOSEOK!!!!🔥🔥🔥 #jhope #mama2022 ♬ Pandora's Box - j-hope

#2 Stray Kids - Venom and MANIAC

The idols came away with awards for the "Most Popular Group," "Yogibo Chill Artist Award," and the "WorldWide Fans' Choice award" to top off an already amazing night with their outstanding performance.

Stray Kids performance featured versions of Venom and MANIAC, where people praised the group for its innovation and enthusiasm, and they also mentioned how the group has always been at the forefront of explosive opinions on stages.

Audiences hailed the idols for their explosive stage presentation, as predicted. Stray Kids were scheduled to be the penultimate act on the list, and they did not disappoint with their magnificent performance.

#3 ITZY - THE BIRTH and Cheshire

ITZY got off to an explosive start with the break-dancing opener to "THE BIRTH," performing "Cheshire" for the first time live at the 2022 MAMA on its opening day, which contained a piano riff.

Their voices had a beautiful yet captivating tune that was complimented by a new and strong bottom tone. They also sang "SNEAKERS" at the end, reflecting  a happier and more energetic aspect.

#4 BTS Jin's Surprise Call

BTS's eldest member Jin startled fans with a heartfelt statement during the MAMA 2022 awards day 2, thanks to J-Hope. The artist took the stage to accept the MAMA Platinum award. It is a new award launched this year and is given to groups that have received all four daesangs

BTS took home the awards for Album of the Year, Artist of the Year, and Worldwide Icon this time. Jin began by greeting his supporters and thanking the members for this honor. Fans were thrilled with BTS's victory, even if the conversation ended on a somber note with a reminder of his upcoming departure to complete his military duty. An emotional and healing call for ARMY.

@yahknowleeknow When Hobi called Jin 🥹 (ruff translation from twt) #mamaawards2022 #jhope #jin #bangtan ♬ Yet To Come - BTS

#5 LE SSERAFIM's Dance Break

@kittyxwonie MAMA 2022 LE SSERAFIM'S PERFORMANCE!! They did such and amazing performances and I was absolutely blown away #MAMA2022 #lessarafim @LE SSERAFIM #fyp #xyzbca #fyppp ♬ ANTIFRAGILE - LE SSERAFIM

It wasn't surprising that LE SSERAFIM has been named the best new female artist. Despite some displeasure with the camerawork during the awards event, LE SSERAFIM once again showed that they are a real industry force, with immaculate vocals and wonderfully matched choreography.

MAMA 2022, without a doubt, left us stunned with the displays they made for both days of the event. Each performer demonstrated a lovely and engaging side through their flawless performance, singing, and dancing.

Let us know what your favorite MAMA 2022 moment was. Remember that Daebak brings you the best of the K-pop world, where you can find everything about your favorite artists! Visit our Website to be always informed and feel closer to Korea, your favorite place ever!


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