MAMAMOO's Hwasa Show on tvN: First Episode Released!

Hwasa Show Cover photo courtesy of @mamamoo_official

Hwasa Show on tvN comes shortly after her group, MAMAMOO, had a successful comeback with their mini album, MIC ON! Remember to check out kpop albums and MAMAMOO merch here.

The concept behind Hwasa's Hwasa Show is to invite fellow kpop idols, artists, and producers to share their music and experiences working in the music industry.

Hwasa Show Debut!

MAMAMOO's Hwasa is back on tv, starring in her first entertainment show on tvN called Hwasa Show (화사쇼). 

Along the episodes, Hwasa will also share her experiences, music, and her effervescent personality with the audience. 

Debut Episode: JYP and NMIXX

The episode starts with JYP, the first guest, arriving with flowers and champagne, which causes Hwasa and him to exchange a laugh at the gesture. 

JYP is the found of one of the original big three companies in South Korea, JYP Entertainment. An aspiring musician himself, JYP has produced many top idols, including 2PM, TWICE, Stray Kids, Itzy, and more. 

His artists are known for strong stage presence and incredible vocals, and many participate in writing and producing songs during their comebacks.

During the episode, JYP and Hwasa sing one of JYP's popular singles, When We Disco. This famous track was released initially with JYP and Sunmi (previously with JYP in the Wonder Girls group). 

Following JYP's entrance, NMIXX, the newest girl group under JYP Entertainment, joins, and NMIXX and JYP perform a rap together on Hwasa Show Vol 1. 

With so many laughs, good stories, and many songs sung during the show, Hwasa's Hwasa Show is set to be a massive hit as more guests join her and share their experiences and music together.

Check out a few clips and a preview of Hwasa Show Vol 2, released on December 24th on Christmas Eve!

Who do you want to see on Hwasa's Hwasa Show on tvN next? Let us know in the comments section, and don't forget to check our Kpop blogs for more news about Mamamoo and other kpop idols! 

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