The 10 Most Iconic K-pop Fashion Moments

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Outfits may seem secondary to people who have never watched a K-pop music video, but fans know very well that outfits are, in fact, a vital element of K-pop.

They not only help define the concept chosen for a group or a specific comeback, but they also help enhance idols' qualities and express their personalities.

Some K-pop fashion moments, in particular, managed to leave their mark on K-pop history, some in a positive manner, others in a less favorable light. The response may also vary depending on the nationality of the fans and their overall cultural background or fashion taste.

Choosing which K-pop fashion moments would be on the list was tricky; some are my favorites, and some were chosen based on overall fan sentiment; I hope you will enjoy them all!

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#MAMAMOO Hwasa 2018 MAMA Red Latex Bodysuit

Probably THE most iconic K-pop fashion moment on the list, 2018 MAMAMOO's performance was incredible, and all the girls looked stunning, but this outfit is still discussed after five years!

This tight and sexy bodysuit was considered too sexy by many netizens, who heavily criticized Hwasa for her choice. Still, many, on the contrary, really appreciated her bold move.

Especially considering how harsh body standards are in Korea, the fact that Hwasa confidently wore something so sexy without fitting those standards encouraged many viewers.

She was perfect, don't you agree?

Go to min 1.07 to see her solo stage or take the chance to also enjoy Moonbyul and Chaewon’s performance:

#EXO Kai Love Shot Red Suit

Kai is well known for his bold outfits, but the ones he wore for the Love Shot music video and the subsequent performances left an indelible mark on EXO-L and everyone else.

Despite finding it hard to choose one among those he wore, I finally picked this iconic K-pop fashion moment:

As a plus, Kai is one of the best dancers in Kpop, so let us all bathe our eyes in this beautiful fancam of him wearing it:

And of course here it is the full music video:

#TXT Yeonjun Blue Hour Pink Crop Top

TXT’s Blue Hour was an, indeed, iconic comeback for the group, where they styled cowboys-meet-fairies kind of outfits.

The song in itself is incredibly catchy, but the music video brings it to the next level:

What took the internet by storm, even before the release of the full music video, was, however, Yeonjun’s pink Balenciaga crop top. Not only was the styling particularly intriguing, but it perfectly fitted Yeonjun’s aura.

Often, he likes experimenting with his style, so this was the first time anyone else could pull it off as well as he did.

Surely an iconic K-pop fashion moment!

#Red Velvet Joy Rainbow Peek-a-Boo Dress

If you have never heard before in your life about Red Velvet, then you must be living under a rock! 

They are undeniably one of the most iconic girl groups of K-pop. Their concept (red for the cute comebacks and velvet for the more mature ones) is united with their vocal talent, and their excellent music production is a must-known!

As a plus, Peek-a-Boo is one of their best comebacks! Each of the members’ outfits was unique. 

but Joy in particular was stunning in her rainbow dress! 

Indeed an iconic K-pop fashion moment!

If you haven’t listened to the song before, what are you waiting for?

#J-hope 2020 Melon Music Awards Purple Suite

Choosing just one among the many iconic outfits J-hope wore during the Dynamite era was hard, but this suit sent the internet into complete chaos, so I had to put it on the list.

J-hope has always enjoyed bright colors and risky fashion, but this K-pop fashion moment was unforgettable!

Here you can watch the entire performance and bathe your eyes with BTS’ talent and beauty. 

During the dance break in particular, J-hope, as usual, has a chance to show us his incredible dance skills: 

#Lisa 2019 Coachella Glitter Dress

2019 marked Blackpink's first Coachella performance, here, they had a chance to show their incredible talent to both K-pop fans and non-K-pop fans, and indeed they did not disappoint!

Their performances and outfits were on fire so we couldn't miss this iconic K-pop fashion moment!

In particular, this outfit worn by Lisa left everyone speechless; she looked incredible!

Here you can watch their performance of DDU-DU-DDU-DU, where Lisa wore this iconic dress. They all looked stunning! 

Since we are talking about Lisa, I also want to include another of her iconic K-pop fashion moments! Her outfit for the DDU-DU-DDU-DU music video: 

This one sparked controversy since the gloves reminded many people of dishwashing gloves!

Despite that, she still looks fantastic, don’t you agree?

#TWICE Chaeyoung Fancy MV Two-Piece Set

As a song, Fancy functions almost as a splitter in TWICE’s discography; it marks their new, more mature rendition of their concept. Before the song, TWICE’s concept was adorable; now, despite not losing its core, their music fits more their maturity and has a hint of sexiness.

Chaeyoung, in particular, had an iconic K-pop fashion moment during the FANCY MV; not only was the outfit iconic, but also her haircut.

This outfit fits her perfectly!

Here is also the music video, if you haven’t heard FANCY before you will not be disappointed!

#Jessi Who Dat B MV “Hate Tweets” outfit

For the ones who don’t know Jessi, she is an incredible solo artist whose talent spans from rap to singing to host.

She has been in the K-pop industry for more than a decade, and despite many finding her highly controversial, she managed, in time, to consolidate a faithful group of fans who love her also, if not especially, for her honesty and confidence.

She often speaks about taboo topics in Korea, such as her plastic surgeries, which are usually themes K-pop idols avoid. She was never afraid to talk about what she decided to change, and, in many interviews, Jessie spoke about her “fake boobs,” something she was teased for a lot.

In her Who Dat B MV, she wore an outfit containing hate words directed at her; in particular, her top recites “FAKE,” an apparent reference to her “fake boobs.”

This was, without any doubt, an iconic K-pop fashion moment! 

#ITZY Ryujin WANNABE MV Two Piece Outfit

Itzy is a 4th generation girl group that debuted under JYP, which, from their debut DALLA DALLA, took the world of K-pop by storm thanks to their catchy music and incredible performances!

Their comeback WANNABE, in particular, became viral thanks to Ryujin’s iconic shoulders dance move, which invaded TikTok and other social media platforms!

In the video, they all wear beautiful outfits, but Ryujin’s one, thanks to the success of her fancams, became an iconic K-pop fashion moment!

The song is super catchy and their dance moves are incredible! Here is the video:

#SHINee World IV Iconic White Outfits , designed by KEY

SHINee is iconic, probably one of the most known boy groups in K-pop music, with incredible vocalists, outstanding performers, and K-pop fashion icons!

Their music has defined the industry for over a decade, and their comebacks never disappoint!

I could not not include these incredible white military-style outfits, which KEY himself designed for the group tour!

Undeniably an iconic K-pop fashion look!

Here are some of their amazing performances while wearing these outfits:

#SEVENTEEN Minghao HOT MV outfit

Last but not least, one of SEVENTEEN’s most recent comebacks, HOT, is a song that is catchy and full of K-pop fashion moments.

Every outfit in the video is unique and eye-catching, but it is undeniable that Minghao stole everyone’s attention in his red-yellow top!

An unmissable K-pop fashion moment!

The song is a literal ear-worm, you can never stop listening to it after the first time:

Compiling a list of all the most iconic K-pop fashion moments was hard since there were so many great outfits to remember, but I tried to add as much variety as possible.

I hope this article will be an excellent way to find style inspiration, discover or re-discover new music, or reminisce about the good times connected to these outfits.

If you have other iconic K-pop fashion moments, let us know in the comments!

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