Korea National Foundation Day: The Founding of the Korean Nation

Korea National Foundation Day: The Founding of the Korean Nation - The Daebak Company

On October 3rd, Korea celebrates the public holiday of National Foundation Day. The Korea National Foundation Day is also known as Gaecheonjeol, Dangun Day, and The Festival of the Opening of Heaven. Gaecheonjeol translates to “the day the sky opened.” 

What is Korea National Foundation Day?

National Foundation Day of Korea celebrates the founding of the first organized Korean kingdom, the Gojoseon Dynasty, also known as the "old Joseon."

National Foundation Day of South Korea is said to have been founded on the 3rd day of the 10th lunar month in 2333 BCE by Dangun, but the date was changed to be celebrated on the third day of the 10th month just for modern convenience. 

The day is largely based on the Korean mythology tale that Dangun's father, Hwanung, opened heaven to allow his son to descend upon the earth, ultimately founding a land on Baekdu Mountain, the place that many historians regard as the birthplace of Korea. 

How Do Koreans Celebrate National Foundation Day?

National Foundation Day is a "red day" in Korea, meaning it's a public holiday where schools and businesses close. 

While you can find many people enjoying the day off by just lounging at home while burning sandalwood incense sticks to worship Dangun, others venture out to participate in parades or ceremonies, go hiking or enjoy the firework displays set off for the Korea national day.

National Foundation Day Ceremonies

People in Dangun masks holding korean flags for the National Foundation Day ceremony.

During the Korea Foundation Day, people flock to Dangun shrines around South Korea, where ceremonies are held in remembrance and honor of him. 

An official ceremony that includes traditional ritual performances full of dance and Taekwondo martial arts exhibitions is held at the Sejong Performing Arts Center.


The summit of Mount Manisan is where Dangun is said to have descended from the heavens and left offerings to the heavens. Mount Manisan is located in Incheon and is the highest peak on Gangwha Island. 

People worship at the Chamseongdan altar at the top of the mountain. Every year, people participate in the ceremony at the altar that is said to have been built by Dangun. 

A wooden plank walking path up to Halla Mountain on Jeju Island on a sunny day.

People who can't make it to Incheon for the trek up Mount Manisan, often choose to celebrate the holiday by visiting Halla Mountain on Jeju Island. 

Halla Mountain is a volcano with an adjacent crater lake. People compare the atmosphere of Halla Mountain to that of Bakedu Mountain because they are both volcanos. 

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A panoramic view of Baekdu Mountain and it

For the lucky few who can manage a trip to Baekdu Mountain, it is an excellent option for a hike on Korean National Foundation Day, as it is considered the location of Korea's origin. 

The mountain is the highest peak in Korea, located on the border between China and North Korea. Mount Baekdu is actually a volcano and boasts beautiful views of the nearby Heaven Lake. Only the Chinese side of the mountain is available to visitors. 


A night sky full of red, yellow and white fireworks exploding in the air.

As with many other holidays celebrated in Korea, the day wouldn't be complete without a fireworks display. 

Locals catch the nighttime marvel by going to Yeouido Han River Park and setting up a picnic on the banks of the river. 

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Culinary Delights

A table at a Korean barbecue restaurant with a grill in the middle and Korean side dishes surrounding it. A plate of thinly sliced samgyepsol sits off on the far right of the table.

Food is an important part of Korean culture, especially during national holidays. Eating traditional Korean food is common for Korean National Foundation Day, as everyone is honoring the Korean culture. 

Food stalls and restaurants around the country will offer popular dishes like japchae, samgyseospal, and jeongwwa on this holiday.  

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The Hallyu wave has opened up Korea to the world. It has allowed people to learn about Korea's rich history and Korean culture. Embrace Korea's national pride in their traditions and remember the Korean people's achievements on Korean National Foundation Day.

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