5 Fall Themed Korean Snacks

5 Fall Themed Korean Snacks - The Daebak Company

Pumpkin. That is the first thing we think about when autumn comes along and rightfully so. It is the season of so many great pumpkin drinks and snacks! However, did you know that there are so many other great flavors and Korean snacks that give off the same great fall vibe as the pumpkin spiced latte? For example, sweet potato. Here are 5 great fall themed snacks to try this fall!

Fall Themed Korean Snacks:


1. YOUUS Sweet Potato Shaped Korean Traditional Snack: Sweet potato is a great fall flavor because it is sweet in its own subtle and unique way. This means that these snacks are so easy to snack on because they taste good without making you feel like you have eaten too much. The perfect fall snack to have on the go!

2. Hbaf Caramel Salted Almond & Pretzel: Almonds and pretzels are great snacks to always have! With these Caramel Salted Almond and Pretzels, I can make sure I don’t get hungry while also enjoying the great rich flavor of caramel. Paired with the saltiness of the almonds, this snack is great to get me into the fall mood!

3. KANG BONG SEOK, Food Master's Grain Syrup Pumpkin Taffy: Pumpkin is such an amazing flavor and one of my favorite things about fall. The pumpkin flavored snacks come out with the Grain Syrup Pumpkin Taffy included! It has a great sweet taste to it, thanks to the grain syrup, but also hints of pumpkin, perfect for the fall mood. Love this unique snack.

4. Maxim Kanu Tiramisu Latte: Now that it is fall, it gets pretty chilly. Drinks like pumpkin spice lattes are a fall classic because they are great when served hot and also have a great spiced taste. Same goes with this Tiramisu Latte! When served hot, it is a great fall drink to relax too with a great sweet taste. Plus, who doesn’t love tiramisu? 

5. GILIM TOM'S FARM Tiramisu Almond: Tiramisu is clearly a fall flavor. Like mentioned above, almonds are a great snack and tiramisu is a delicious flavor; So, why not combine the two? These provide a great sweet flavor through the tiramisu coating while giving a little health boost with the almonds. A perfect fall snack if you want tiramisu flavor, without the hot latte. 

This is the perfect time to try these uniquely flavored snacks that give off so much fall vibes. Have you tried any of these snacks? What is your favorite fall flavor?

Written by Kaitlin

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